Finally getting momentum on the getting the 1962 Plymouth Savoy back on the road

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Mar 24, 2021
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Copied from my FBBO Member Garage Photo post orig created early 2021, updates to come soon.
Hello fellow B Body lovers and owners. Below is the current state of my recent purchase, a 1962 Plymouth 2 Door. I hope this will give someone some enjoyment or inspiration to get their project started/going again! Thanks to my Dad for coming along to pick it up with me and providing the tow vehicle, also a Mopar(2004 Durango) It was a fun time.

Exterior: 95% done
Pale Blue repaint some years ago, very good condition
  • Right Front Fender Trim (not wheel well trim)
  • Right and left front trim pieces (approx 1" pieces)next to the headlights
  • Rear Plymouth logo reconfigured from "Plum Hot" to Plymouth - I do have the Y!
  • Both Right and Left Plymouth Script emblems that are located on the doors

Interior: 10% done
going to be 103 Interior Trim Code - Cocoa (was orig Blue but I LOVE the Cocoa colors)
  • Front and Rear Floor pans to be installed. Have all 3 pieces from AMD
  • Carpet - Still deciding on color for Cocoa interior(suggestions welcome) will likely order from SMS Auto Fabrics
  • Gas Pedal - Have
  • Seats Have Front 60/40 bench and rear bench - Frames in good shape
    • Needs re-cushioned
    • Needs Recovered - recently ordered from SMS Auto Fabrics
  • Seat Belts
  • Door Panels - On order, sent out to SMS for recovering
  • Front Kick Panels - On Order from SMS Auto Fabrics
  • Steering wheel - Need (have temp)
  • Wind Lace - Need, deciding on color will order from SMS Auto Fabrics likely
  • Door Seals - Need, deciding on color(Tan-Gold OR Palomino-Tan??? will order from SMS Auto Fabrics likely
  • Window Sweeps(Cat Whiskers)
  • Dash Board/Instrument Cluster, Have almost all parts
    • Needs repainted to 103 Color scheme
    • Need Cluster reconditioned/rechromed (looking for suggestions)
    • Need heater controls repaired and reinstalled (relocate aftermkt Tach)
    • Radio Delete Panel is installed
    • Have radio
    • Speaker Grill - Have, needs installed (relocate aftermarket Oil Pressure/Water Temp gauges
  • All Interior plastic windshield metal trim repainted to match 103 Color Scheme, Cocoa Interior)
  • Window Cranks and Door pulls cleaned, Have
  • Window Crank Escutcheon(large black plastic washer)
  • Door Arm Rests repaired/repainted to match 103 Cocoa Color Scheme
  • Package Tray - On order from SMS Auto Fabrics Will repair/repaint current
  • Head Liner - On order from SMSAuto Fabrics
  • Visors repainted recovered to match 103 Cocoa Color Scheme
Drivetrain: 85%
440 Stroked to 493 (is my understanding)
Dual Quad Cross Ram Carbs and Intake
Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads (60925)
TTI Headers
727 Trans, 8 3/4 Rear, 3.91
  • Hard to start, needs 2000 RPM then 1500RPM for a few mins to idle OK, Idle is a bit too low too
  • Have not driven anywhere but from trailer to garage in Oct since there are no seats installed, rusty floor and no gas pedal since there is a hole in floor where it would be bolted.
  • would like to set Transmission back to stock Automatic Shift Pattern, currently Manual Reverse Valve body 727 from AA Transmissions
  • Repaint Cross Ram Intake, orange paint is flaking off
  • Install Superstock Valve Covers if possible
    • Update: 2022-11, A set has been prepped, painted and stickered (see photo in update)
  • Install Super Stock Cast Iron Headers at some point possibly
    • Update: 2022-04, Purchased Cast Iron headers and full stock exhaust (with 1962 style tips)

Pickup Day
October 12th, 2021

1962 Savoy on Trailer.jpg1962 Savoy on Trailer 2.jpg

Wish me luck
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Mar 24, 2021
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Bucks County, PA
Originally posted 2022-01-01
Pickup day was mid Oct 2021

Now to get the car under cover

Garage Doors Garage clean out almost done
Garage Door.jpgGarage.jpg

Removing Door Panels to send to SMS Auto Fabric for restoration.
They only need the curved metal tops of each.
Sending all 4, but here is a photo of an original

Interior Back side of Door PanelCloseup of Door Manufacturers Stamping
Original Front Door Panel.jpgFront Door Panel back side.jpgFront Door Panel back side, stamp detail.jpg