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Finding Gpa's 70 super bird..


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5:57 AM
Feb 21, 2014
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SE Mich
Like the title states my Grandpa (who passed 2 years ago) owned a S Bird in the early to mid 80's it was sold to the man that started Rust Check (A Canadian company but had facilities in the states) It was a 440 6 pack car lemon twist looking for vin with paperwork but still hunting. He was said to have had quite the collection. Searching for the owner or founder of Rust Check doesn't get me far.. Would love to see the car since I wasn't born for another year or so after he sold it..
good luck and like Wayne said keep us posted
Without a VIN your up S$%T creek. Try Galen Govier.
Most old folks keep stuff way longer than they need to. See if grandma, or someone has old insurance records, that would have the VIN.

An old photo with a plate number may help, probably unlikely though. Many states purge that info.
Not found yet however, I would like to thank you all for the help and encouragement in this long search. HT413, the later link that you sent proved to be the best single piece so far. In all my searching I never made it to that page. I sent an e-mail to the current VP at Rustcheck and he knew the man that bought the car from my grandfather. Has anyone heard the name Ed Del Grande? Mario, (the VP) told me a lot about him and gave me some more info to use to help track it down. Ed's sons run the company Corrosion Free based in Brampton, ON Canada. Now I am trying to contact them to see if they might know the where abouts of the car as Ed past away 4 years ago now.
Well, still getting closer a member on here knows the man that bought the car from Ed and put me in contact with him. Again, he has since sold the car but alot more recently and hopefully can get me in contact with them. It's a long road but i'm getting there. Again thanks to all on here that have helped this site is AWESOME!!! Hopefully someday I will able to repay the favor somehow
Isn't there a Superbird registry ?? They might be able to help.

Hemirunner.... You Da Man!! I posted the list on there and about an hour or so later the current owner contacted me. Thanks to all of you that put feelers out and gave suggestions leading to this day. A few of my family memebers have been getting ahold of me every once in a while to ask thow I was coming along and are thrilled that I tracked it down. Took about a year to find it. Wish I would have found this site a little sooner. Will post some current pictures when I get them and a really nice picture I have from the mid 80's
Glad I could help. Those guys are THE go to guys for aero car info. The aero world is a small and tight community.
Kinda forgot about this post and never put up a picture. This was taken in the late 80's at a garden in the Lansing, MI area. Wile E. was always in the backseat.
Kinda forgot about this post and never put up a picture. This was taken in the late 80's at a garden in the Lansing, MI area. Wile E. was always in the backseat.
Very cool! Did you buy the car?
Very cool! Did you buy the car?
No, my ultimate goal is to see the car. I was asked that pretty quickly upon finding it Haha. I would absolutely love to own the car but in due time. I wasnt trying to find and buy but when it comes available work something out. It has been very well taken care of and I have no reason to get it "home" yet.