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First Timer B Body

James Runyon

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5:25 AM
Dec 12, 2021
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Hello everyone,
I am 51 yrs young, my wife and I own a body shop in Ohio, have been a chevy guy all my life and have just bought my first mopar. A 1965 Plymouth Satellite BB 4sp car. I do not know much about these cars and am hoping I can lean on this group for guidance. Excited to get started on something new and see which way we go with it and how it ends up!!
Welcome from Alabama, looks like a solid project.
Welcome aboard from NJ. You are in a good place now. Best of luck! :)
BB 4 speed. Nice.
What is your goal? 100% stock looking? Smoking sleeper? Straight axle gasser? You can find what you need here.
Welcome aboard from another 65 3-pedal owner James! Hmmm .. Body Shop .. Owner .. I'm thinking this Sat has found a very nice home! Keep us posted on her progress.
In the words of Vader...... welcome to the dark side :thumbsup:
I was going to say Greetings from Upstate New York but I see you are in upstate NY. I've got a nice '65 383 sitting in a crate in Albany when you get to that point in the build.
Avail yourself of the vast number of build threads on here. This place is a virtual
reference library on these cars!
A Big Hello for Wisconsin! You will find more information at your fingertips on these pages that you thought possible, it has truly helped me get my car to a place that i didn't think possible. Good luck with your build!
Welcome James, from the other side of the border in Ontario. That looks like a pretty solid 1965 Belvedere project. Those and 1965 Coronet's were never sold in Canada, so they are an uncommon sight up here. A Chevy friend of mine was finishing up a Mopar project for resale, and said to me, " I really have to hand it to you Mopar guys! I could do two Chev's up for what it costs to do one Mopar.". My reply was, "Yeah, but once you're done, all you have is two Chev's.".
That is one of my favorite choices. The '65 Satellite 383 4spd down the block is what really got me hooked on Mopar's. Enjoy the product.