FMA GARLITS NOV 9-10...bring your Grilles for resto!

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    Feb 14, 2012
    Sanford, Florida
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    7:40 PM
    Gonna be another great Show. :drinks: :luvplace:
    It gets even bigger every year and YOU have made it happen. We will soon eclipse The Mopar Nationals, which is very exciting news. :jackoff:
    Got a great A,B or E Body Grille you need resto'd?...bring it by for free estimate/drop off. If you cant bring your Grille or you dont wanna risk hurting that rare masterpiece, TAKE PICS and bring them with you. Can give you estimate off phone pics. :realcrazy:
    We redo almost all Mopar Grilles, Panels or Headlight Bezels, Plastic or Aluminum. Polished and OEM Painted to perfection. :moparsmiley:
    C-YA at the Show, Y'all!!!!!
    (Just look for my big blue Dodge Dually).

    69-sportsat-05.jpg 340-19-03.jpg 66-SAT-BEZS-01.jpg 67-Coronet-DORN-4.jpg 67-GTX-HL-BEZ-RH1A.jpg 68-RR-GRILL-01.jpg 71-CHALL-GRIL-7.jpg 71-CHARGR-TAILS-08.jpg 71-CHARGR-TAILS-09.jpg 74-RR-GRILL-01.jpg
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