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For the love of bondo! what did you do!?


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1:41 PM
Mar 25, 2024
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creepin round your back stair
so I figured I'd share my progress on my 68 wagon.. the "restorers" had a love of pop rivets, bondo and jb weld.. I knew it had bondo in it, it was cheap enough and looked good enough, and the important parts weren't rusty. so I bought it. well. if I could sum up how the car was "restored" i think this picture speaks volumes.


hey at least it runs! but wait, what's that leak? oh cmon.. block freeze cracked, and they tried to jb weld it. it was only one crack, but then I found a crack by the distributor hole and it wouldn't time right, so I said if this is the outside, I'm scared to see the inside of this motor, so out she comes.


I decided to just replace the motor, so I bought a nice used one. Didn't get pics of the teardown, but what a shame the bores were mint, crank was pretty bad, so maybe it was just dingleball honed at some point, because it did have some blowby. but it was at stock bore size with OE pistons, wasn't expecting that. so that's where we're at!
Thats a bummer, now a days its hard to believe anyone. Hope the new engine works out for you,
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