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Forced induction guys, where ya at?


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Jul 12, 2011
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I see the A bodies site has a forced induction forum with lots of threads. Do the b-body guys lean more towards the purists or just not interested in power adders? Even the build threads on this site are almost all NA. Just struck me as strange.
I'm forcing some induction.....are you?
I have plenty of Nitrous for now. However, I do have twins for my next 572 KB Aluminum twin plug Hemi build.

IMG_8666.jpg IMG_8664.jpg 100_1454 (2).jpg 100_1453 [640x480].jpg 100_1456 [640x480].jpg 100_1455 [640x480].jpg
I don't like forced induction but an oldschool roots blower sure looks nice. :)
Is the stock B/RB block going to live with turbocharger horsepower potentials? Can a stock B/RB block easily reach it's max horsepower potential with NA?
Turbocharged is generally easier on parts. Forced induction in general can be easier as you can reach enhanced power levels without as much rpm. Rpm forces are much harder than combustion pressure on an engine
Is the stock B/RB block going to live with turbocharger horsepower potentials? Can a stock B/RB block easily reach it's max horsepower potential with NA?
There have been battles from decade's how much a stock block can handle. If built correctly and just as important tuned correctly it can live with decent numbers.
There have been battles from decade's how much a stock block can handle. If built correctly and just as important tuned correctly it can live with decent numbers.

Why spend the money on a turbo and then de-tune to 700-800 horsepower so that the block can live?
I never payed much attention to the modern boost setups as it always seemed like way too much work and cost to adapt it to my old Mopar. Then in 2018 we bought a new Ford Edge with a turbo'd 2.7L. Small/mid size SUV that comes in at a nudge over 4000lbs...and with that tiny motor, AWD, and factory boost level that thing was a blast to drive...So ever since I've been noodling ideas to turbo up my '68. Admittedly I don't know enough yet about building complete systems to start the changeover, which is where seeing some in-depth B-body builds would be nice.
A big obstacle for me is the timing (not ignition timing) as it will require a complete engine rebuild---and with the way things are, I'm too afraid to attempt it with parts shortages and delays that don't seem to be getting better. The tuning part doesn't scare me; I've moved on to EFI anyway and IMO that's the way to go on a boosted engine (not necessary though of course).

All that said, I agree that it would be very cool to see more boosted B-bod builds here and have a forum for it but I won't hold my breath. I've seen FABO's but the challenges can be different for our stuff as we know. And like anything Mopar, cost/availability/difficulty is always exponentially higher than say doing it on a chevy...hard not to be a just a little jealous of those f***ers!:rolleyes:
I added turbos to a stock 383 and have had a lot of fun. Not serious power but cheaper than a big stroker build. Would my pair of turbos make more power? Of course. Would your nitrous kit make double the power with different jets? Yup. I don't get the point.
I've had a few 23 t/Altered (later a 27), started when I was 18, 1977
1st with a 301cid 6:71 Dyer/Mert Littlefield later, 3" drive, w/Enderle Hat
Comp Eliminator A/Gas - A/AA, 6#'s per/cid or 7.90 S/E class
(Super Eliminator Class, NHRA heads up 7.90, I was still off the throttle
in the lights, right at the '1st speed trap' lights, as not to break out
Ran from 20% to almost 50% overdriven, depending on where I was
(really small bores & really small combustion chambers, it was tune-picky
the heat was a real issue diminishing returns adding boost/pulley changes
on racing gas, on alcohol-methanol wasn't any problem
on a lil' Milodon SBC, with Mondello Heads

then a 427cid BBC & 451cid RB/MW both had 8:71 Mert Littlefield blowers
6.90's @ 190 all day long (alcohol on the MW)
I could run them #'s on a 427cid Injected Methanol, Enderle Hat (Bug Cather)
on a Tunnel Ram/NA combo, so I veered away from the Blowers for a time...

my T/S 92 TA (Outlaw Pro-Stock/Door Slammers)
Milodon Mastodon Hemi 499cid & 526cid/Roots Blown
Blower Shop supplied Hi-Helix rotors 6.69 @ 217 was best
(almost the exact same #'s as my 540cid BBC N2O/Inj Alcohol combo did)

Also my Pro-gas (8.50 class) 49 Ford Tudor Buss Coupe,
earlier on had the same
Milodon Hemi combo, 7.20s @ 188, max'd out the RPM by like 900'-1,000',
bouncing off the rev limiter, great for 1/8th mile, but there wasn't
much 1/8th mile racing back then, not much out west especially...
(had way too much gear, needed like 4.10:1, not 5.13:1 or 4.88:1)

I had a street/strip 1999 Dakota R/T 5.9ltr/360 Magnum
with an adapted Novi Centrefugal SC (made for a SBC) got about 9-11 psi
bigger 55mm/2bbl Holley TB, 1.7:1 HS rockers, bigger/better flowing Injectors
Eddy shorty header, 3" Flowmaster Delta 50 cat-back system,
single 3" thru Cat. too
I got it down in the low 11.20's at like 119-ish MPH on drag radials
deadly on the street
I wonder what that fuel map would look like today ?
I'd bet I'd be scared of it...

I had a 1600cc DP VW with a bolt-on 'Judsen vein' V-belt-driven blower,
5psi max, in a 68 Baja Bug 'my Daily Driver'
(same combo in a 1968 VW panned/Myers Manx Dunebuggy)
pretty much dbl'd the hp :D , it was a wheely machine at intersections
I'd eat clutches like crazy too

I like N/A for streetcars, just my personal preference
but for the track 'boost is where it's at'
gets the job done
by the bottle (N2O) or forced air induction,
however you like to do it

had a couple of Turbo's in the early days,
before they were 'in Vouge' all the rage, with all the goodies added
Back then, I didn't care much for them,
My 85 Buick T-Type 3.8lt was impressive for what it was
13 second 4,000# car
but had issues, oil to the turbo bearings, keeping the turbo cool
& keeping the heat out of the engine compartment 'was a dbl edge sward',
had to keep the turbo wrapped/DEI container or it'd burn the paint on the hood,
exhaust heat temps over 1,300*+, fried the oil in the bearings
restrictive manifolds & huge 'lag' was a huge part of it...
(more to the story)

Had a 20th Annv. 89 Turbo' TA too, wasn't really impressed,
but it was a fun car, in 'stock tune', when it did 'kicked in' finally
it was like an expansion pipe on a two-stroke, it took off...

I'm sure I'm forgetting some too...

I know the Turbo news stuff is far better, night & day better
way better/bigger inner-coolers, air to air or water-cooled blow thru's,
adj. waste gates & better fuel management & electronics today too
I'm not opposed to building one today...

I read all of @Hemirunner , threads on it
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