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Found a 1976 Plymouth Sport Fury


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May 26, 2022
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Hello! My name is Ariana, but I'm usually called Ari. Early last year, I was headed to a junkyard in my state with a friend of mine who is very into the Mopar world, and I told him I would love to have a Plymouth like his (A '77 Gran Fury). So, while at the junkyard, he lead me over to where there were about four classic muscle cars and we looked them over. We settled on two to choose from, one of them was a pale green, the one that I ended up buying then and there for $600. The guy said he was sure it ran and it even came with a title, so he carried it out with a forklift and we got it towed home.

We found out that it may be a one of one!

The interior is almost totally intact save for a hole in the driver's seat that can be re-woven, and cracks in the dash that could be fixed as well. My friends and I had to do a ton of engine work on it. The engine was stuck since it had been sitting since 2012, but we soaked the cylinders in ATF for a week, and were able to break it free without damaging it, and it ran!... sort of. We had to replace and fix a lot of things, new timing chain, fixed the carburetor, found a low cylinder, rebuilt the heads, found the correct alternator for it since the previous owner put in an alternator from a Plymouth truck and made it work somehow, early non-egr intake, holley 2 bbl, and a single exhaust with a glass pack. It took a full year of work, and while we're still working out some kinks, being rust in the gas tank and some electrical issues in the brake lights, it runs like new! Pictures are attached :)

20220525_124821.jpg 20220525_124744.jpg 20220525_125358.jpg 20220525_125456.jpg 20220525_125503.jpg 20220525_125512.jpg 20220525_125518.jpg 20220525_125526.jpg 20220525_125530.jpg 20220525_125540.jpg
Welcome aboard from NJ. Cool car, best of luck with it. The striped interior kind of reminds me of a Dart Sport Hang Ten model!
Amazing find! Glad you're making good progress. Enjoy it and congratulations!
Welcome to FBBO Ariana!! Congrats on a great purchase and your resurrection of that Sport Fury. All it needed was love & it sounds like it has found it with you!
Welcome from NY.
Glad you are having fun with it and getting it back together
:welcome: from Connecticut

Another fan of that interior! You did good!
Some rallyes or Magnum 500 wheels will really compliment that green.
Ari... I say "Awesome" with a capital "A" !!! I was just discussing those "forgotten" mid 70's sport models, great to see you got that baby purring !! Keep us posted on that car !
Hi there can you post more pictures of the car like a side view ? A profile… ? I’ve never seen one of these and I’m liking it
welcome and great find,my parents had one and I use to sneak out and drive it
Cool car. All cars are one of one.
Welcome from Missouri!!
I believe that's the "waka-chicka" interior.
I like that grill better than the 4 headlight one on my 78
:welcome:Nice price, seldom seen model. I miss my 79 Cordoba. Great cars, Have fun with it.