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Frame connectors how did you do it

+1 with ‘centerline’, no kits when I did mine over 35yrs ago. Definitely stiffens up the body.
U.S. Cartool. Nice fit! Only tricky part is running the E-Brake cable and the rear brake line!
Man there is some nice work shown on this thread.
you guys make it look simple and what great work was done. here is my problem it will be done on jacks and myself on my back. trying to figure out the best way to do it. without me burning myself up.
Bearman, did mine on a lift & just butted 2x2’s up against floorpan, didn’t want to remove carpet,etc.
Maximum strength will be welded to the floor. Cheapest is making them yourself. Easiest is bolt in. You can do most of the welding from the top. If you slit the floor make the cut small and sneak up on it. Strongest will be cutting the rear rail bottom out and going rearward to the internal plate in the rail itself. It's not hard. After cutting the bottom drill a few spot welds and pull the rail sides tight to the connector.
Dvw thank you so much going inside looks will add strength. then putting relocation kit in becomes a single frame unit so the torque and twist ends up at the rear end and not at the first cross frame. At the trans position correct.
When I did mine I cut the rear frame open and slid the 2x3 tubing inside the frame about 6 inches then butted the other end to the torsion bar crossmember after I sectioned the rear floor so the tubing could fit through. I finish welded both ends and then tack welded the floor from the bottom and finish welded the floor from the top. I did all this while the car was on jack stands with the doors closed to make sure everything lined up and stayed that way. Below is a pic of how the tubing fit inside the rear frame rail. After they were installed I put the car on a home made rotisserie and removed the rest of the undercoating.

Welded mine in - got them from US Cartools . . . had the car up on jackstands as it would sit - made sure it was all level too.

Also did some work to build support for my bucket seats ( original car was a bench ) and added a driveshaft loop while I was at it too . . .
The end result with this car it that it is fully connected from rocker panel to rocker panel through the additional supports under the car.
( the burns in the floor were the additional supports in the car for the bucket seats - full detail in my build thread )


Here's a little better look at the driveshaft loop . . . still doing some "tidy-up" work now that it is on a rotisserie . . .

I have been contemplating installing some though. I will just get the steel from the local supplier and trace a pattern to cut and fit. Sticking them into the frame ends is a good idea too..
Thanks for everything guys. Going home made with 2x3 going to open the frame and stuff them in. Open the floor and weld away.
Mine definately is stiff. Leaves dead level. Been 1.24 60ft with stock frame rails.