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Front Disc Caliper Bracket Bolts


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Apr 17, 2013
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Columbus IN
I was driving my car the other day and heard a clunk like something fell off the car. Turns out it was one of the bolts on the driver front caliper bracket bolts with the other being quite loose...
The service manual says these are special nyloc bolts, but the bolt I have left has no signs of nylon (or anything) on the threads and nowhere to source that. I bought 4 new zinc coated grade 8 bolts and washers to replace all the worn out oe stuff and am planning to put loctite on them.
Any suggestions on if I should go with blue or red loctite?
What torque on the bolt (fsm is vague at 75-100lb-ft)?
Fastenal suggests 102lbft with thread locker on a grade 8 1/2-20, so I am more inclined to go with that (though that does suggest the oe bolt was a grade 5 or less).
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Yeah I was wondering about that. Is anyone using safety wire on OE brake parts?
I’m an aircraft mechanic. Now planes and cars are two very different machines. Cars didn’t have to many things safetied. When someone go the distance of installing safety wire on certain car parts, it does look very impressive and professional. If you would like to see all kinds of techniques, just google examples of safety wiring fasteners. I personally like the way safety wiring looks. It says the owner/mechanic takes pride in their work and craftsmanship