Funny cruise control story.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
You've heard me sing the praises of our Pontiac Vibes. They are a rebadged Toyota Matrix. Because a Pontiac has a lower resale value than a Toyota you can pick them up for dirt cheap. I bought my last one for $1600 with under 150,000 miles and it's been great. It's roomy and can swallow all kinds of cargo. There's even a website dedicated to all the stuff people have hauled with their Vibe/Matrix. I had too many cars so I gave mine to my son. He already owned one and was a big fan. We've had 4 of them. Mine had cruise control but his did not.

He was scanning the local pull and pay and saw a Vibe with CC. He unscrewed the lever and decided to try something. When he got home he looked at the Vibe with CC and drilled a hole in his steering column at the same location. He plugged in the lever and Voila, now he has cruise control. I guess it was cheaper to make all the cars the same and either give them the lever or not.