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Good footwear

Whites boots are by far the most comfortable boots I’ve ever wore. But my foot has high arches. They can be custom fit without much extra cost. They are hard to break in but once you do it’s like putting on a well wore glove. I get mine good and wet and wear until dry.
I wear my Justins every day, I wore out my insoles, put Dr. Scholls in, now my boots smell horrible. Never had that happen before. Dumped a load of baking soda in each boot helped a bunch. I have four other pairs, should probably rotate lol. I have 4 Justin, 1Ferinni, 1 JB Dillon.
My Wife likes Corrals(2)and Lane(3). My daughter is 7 and already a snob, loves her Dan Post, too small but I can't get her to give em to her cousin. She has pink camo Ariat, Justin and her new Smoky something that's all blue/purple glitter. Between the Ariat and the last ones, last China boots allowed here, absolute garbage.
Not sure if these are in America but I won't wear anything else to work. I have high arch feet and these are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. They also have great ankle support.

I have a pair for work and another for going out/dinner/weddings/funerals/motorcycle riding etc.


I use arch support inserts that I get at CVS. They have a couple different styles but I prefer the ones that are a harder plastic, super supportive. Some double-side tape to keep them in place and I'm good to go in just about any pair I want to wear. I used to get New Balance sneakers, they were very supportive, but they closed their outlet nearby and I haven't found anyplace that carries a decent selection since.
'Good feet store', (American Made)
that **** ain't cheap
inserts start at $39 to $500+ for a system & shoes
I did get my dad inserts for like $79 IIRC
it was a while back, probably a decade, they still work

Orthofeet shoes/boots (don't remember co./country origins)
tennis shoes about $100 + or -
boots start at about $130+

Hammacher Schlemmer (spell ? & don't remember co./country origins)
is another one, you can get custom-made orthotics, cast by your feet
thru/from them too

we/I haven't bought from either for a long time, they last pretty well
my dad has fallen arches
funny from a guy who used to partially own/run a shoe store chain,
in Laffeyette & Pleasanton Ca.
Shoe Stable (don't think it's even around anymore) when he was much younger

I grew up with great shoes, my dad saw to that at least...

I still have Redwings Boots steel-toed boots w/arch supports from 25+ years ago,
still holding up well, leather looks worn, but inside is great
Most my shoes I wear out the inside way before the outside for some reason

I actually like the 'Skechers Arch support shoes', (American Shoe Co.)
slip on's, start at like $99 for sort of tennis shoes, not sure about boots now
& none of my shoes last very long, usually
I actually don't have bad feet or bad arches,
Skechers shoes last just as long as any other more expensive brands I've bought

I just prefer the support, maybe why I don't have feet problems
after 35+ years in construction, being on my feet 12+ hrs a day
I like the arch supports, even still today after retiring too...
Scott google ortho feet, They are only online. I have been buying their shoes and boots for years now. I'm on concrete all day.
They are broke in out of the box, plus if your unhappy you have 30 days to send the back.
I second Orthofeet, the most comfortable work shoes I've ever had. I also suffer from flat feet and need arch support.
If you're serious about your work boots, check out Hall's Safety Equipment out of Grove City PA.
They are a Lineman specialist offering USA handmade safety boots if you order the Halls brand. They are hands down the best. A typical pair would last 3-4 years, and they are not cheap! I haven't bought any in about 5 years now (retired for 2), but the 2 pairs I have will last my lifetime if cared for properly. When I say they are not cheap, I mean it - start at $200. My West Coasters were well over $750 10 years ago. They are meant solely for climbing full time, and trust me they were worth every penny. Not everyone needs boots of that caliber, but for construction workers, heavy equipment guys, loggers, etc., there are some good safety toe real steel shank options at $200-400. Your feet are worth it.