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Good Start on 2023 !!!


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FBBO Gold Member
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7:18 PM
May 27, 2011
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Western NY
Happy New Year to All Our Group !
It was a slow day Today, to start the New Year. Usual routine, and walked the dogs at the Park. Did some other chores, and my wife went over to Mom's to give her a hand. Since I don't watch NFL anymore, decided to go out and finish the Big Game Season, as NY started a Late Holiday Season for visiting Relatives, ending at Sunset today. I wasn't in my stand 5 minutes, just before 4pm, and was texting my wife I'd be out till dark, when a doe rushed in at 25 yds, with a buck on her heels. Lucky I knocked a bolt in, as they stopped right there. My first shot with my new armament. GOD Above, provided Again, at the Finish Line !!!
Nice buck - and nice kill shot with a bow. One and done?
I used to hunt with a bow - a 70 lb draw on a Browning 4 wheeler. That thing was a killer - but truth be told I gave it away recently because with my shoulder problems and much less strength since back when - I could barely draw the thing. Wish I had a pic of it - A beauty. All polished wood stock - similar to the stocks on the 1100 Remington 12 gauge shotguns. Just a killer to draw - nothing like todays bows.