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Halloween is coming, do you have any good ghostly experiences?


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
I was driving home from a friend's funeral. It was rainy and dark. I saw this weird car for sale on the side of the road. I was still hundreds of miles from home but I stopped to look at it. It was a Studebaker or some other weird brand like that. I took a few pictures. When I got home I was looking through the pictures and there appeared to be a ghostly white image inside the car. I blew it up and studied it hard. It was a weird reflection caused by the moisture and the seat/headrest in the car. I think.

One of my big Newfoundlands is a real, as my daughter calls it, "Daddy's Dog." Diesel likes to sleep in my room every night. At 160 pounds if he starts moving around in the middle of the night he has scared the sh** out of me.
Lived in an old farmhouse. Three story with many bedrooms and large attic. It had been a student rental forever going back to a woman who owned it and cooked for the students. I liked to dig through the flotsam left by students in the attic. Funny thing was, the attic did not get hot in the summer. In Brookings SD, that is odd. I found a diary of the woman's son who joined the Army for WWII. I read his accounts of boot camp and traveling by ship to Europe. It ended with his feelings of landing the next day. There were no more entries.

It was a long distance to visit the folks, so I didn't always go home for school holidays. I would be in this large old house alone. It was so large, I had a room with my drum set and stereo, and I had one with just my bed. Granted, I had discovered LSD, but one day I walked into my bedroom and floating in the air, about the size of a human torso, was a shimmering light much like the transporter of the TV Star Trek. Stopped dead in my tracks, I said: "Don't do that!".

Some time later, a friend from Equador who had lived there and spent time alone when everyone else went home asked me: "Did you ever see anything there?" I knew exactly what he referred to and replied that I saw lots of things. "No, did your ever SEE something". I said yes, and what I saw, then he told me his story.

I was never scared. I figured if it were a ghost, it was the old woman who liked college kids.
When I was 2 we moved to a rental in Lake Hopatcong while my parents searched for a house. My mother would put me in for a nap and a little while later my mother would hear playing upstairs. I would be sleeping and she thought a damn good actor. After a couple of weeks of this a neighbor told my mother of a 3 year old boy that drowned in the boathouse. It was his bedroom and my mother believed he was there playing with me.
Study Shows October Is The Perfect Time To Bury A Body In Your Front Yard

Oct 10, 2022

INDEPENDENCE, MO — In promising news for murderers everywhere, the results of a new study indicate the month of October is the perfect time to bury a dead body in your own front yard.

"The Halloween season provides the ideal camouflage for the act of actually burying a corpse in plain sight," said Barry Gusey, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Missouri, where the study was conducted. "Our findings show that digging a grave and burying a body in any other month of the year is sure to raise red flags and likely draw the attention of law enforcement."

As a part of the study, researchers even went as far as to put up clearly written signs reading "DEAD BODY BURIED HERE" with arrows pointing to a mound of freshly shoveled dirt. When no unusual attention was paid even after dumping buckets of fake blood all over the yard and scattering various instruments of torture in the area, the results of the study became strikingly evident.

"This is a game-changer," said Ben Casey, long suspected by locals to be a serial killer. "I've spent a lot of time and effort over the years trying to dispose of…unwanted objects. Knowing that I can just wait until October to bury these…items…will really make things easier."

At publishing time, the research team was already eagerly planning its next study to determine if the night of July 4th was, indeed, the perfect day to bomb something.
burying a corpse in plain sight," said Barry Gusey, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Missouri,

Is he related to Gary Busey?
Not really a ghost thing per say... But weird & from beyond the grave.. Little over ten years ago a friend/roommate passed away...
A few days later his brother was there going through his belongings.. Most of the stuff was going to be donated but a few items family members wanted... One item in particular we had been tearing the place apart looking for with no sign of it.. I had gone to my office to take a break when I got a sudden impulse, I got up, walked straight to his room and opened a cabinet where there was a 10" high stack of photos, magazines, paperwork, just assorted stuff, as if on autopilot one hand reached out and lifted the top 3.5-4" of the stack, the other hand pulled an envelope from the stack...

We had searched that cabinet a dozen times...
We were looking for photos taken in the late 1800's of members of his family.. I had never seen the photos and had been told they were 8x10.... We were looking for something 8x10 and had pretty much ignored the smaller envelopes...

I was pretty weirded out by the whole thing..
My wife while staying at the Hotel Del Coronado experienced some freaky stuff while staying there with friends. One friend acted very weird most the time(wasn't herself)..but then became verrry upset said something was pulling on her arm...she started crying...then they noticed she had five scratches on her arm like someone grabbed her.

As far a my current home built in 1900 I will call it unexplained.
About 3am we woke up to the light in our bedroom which is remote controlled. We shut the light off.... 15 minutes later...back on. Shut if off...15 later back on again. After it coming back on half a dozen times we killed the power so the remote couldnt work and it stopped. The next day one of the boys in the bedroom upstairs said he didnt get much sleep...his light kept coming on. He got so sick of it he screwed the bulb out. The fans were different brands and different frequencies. A couple months earlier we had issues with the TV coming on in middle of the night. When it came on It never came on the channels we watched. But always to Sirius radio... 70s music channels. And the volume was cranked. The first time we suspected the dog, Second time rolling stones was blaring TV again cranked, very weird waking to that!!!..again. Dog no where near remote. Have had other people experience things hear in this old house. But gladly..it seems to have stopped after the lights incident. The Lady that had this place built lost her husband and 5 children to disease in a matter of months.
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I want to go stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park but no one will go with me. It is just two hours away. I'm sure you guys know all about it with Stephen King's The Shining.

When I was 10, my Mom said: "We need to go for a ride". We went across town and as she drove, she told me my good friend Kevin had died in the middle of the night.

Kevin was a couple years older than us other boys in our neighborhood group and he was a character and ring leader for a lot of the trouble we got into. He showed us our first Playboy magazine, but that's another story. He was a jokester always screwing around coming up with stuff like having slingshot fights. He was scheduled to go the Mayo Clinic because he had some condition with a blood vessel between his heart and lungs . It was not growing as fast as the rest of his body and they were going to fix it. He caught a cold and when coughing, the vessel ruptured and he died.

It turned out that my Mom was driving me to the mortuary to see Kevin's body. It was shocking to see my friend like that.

A night or two later, I awaken to knocking on my closet door. I get up, walked over, and opened the door to see Kevin stretched out in his coffin. He was just laying there and all of a sudden he sits bolt upright, turns to me and starts laughing.

That was Kevin exactly. If there was a way he could come back to scare me, he would have done it. To this day, I have to wonder if it was his ghost playing one last prank.
I watched "The Changling" last night. I had always heard it was good. 1980 with George C. Scott. I recommend it as a good ghost movie.
My wife and I spent our honeymoon at the Stanley - in the Presidential Suite where Teddy Roosevelt stayed. The Stanley is a fantastic hotel, and these days, it's very expensive...at least to my wallet. In the picture above, the Presidential Suite is on the left front, that sticks out farther than the big porch, on the second floor. With the balcony. One cool thing is that the hotel rooms did NOT have phones, and are much like they were in the early 1900s.

The movies (both the first and the second) uses the Stanley as inspiration and the "location", but the first "The Shining" was actually filmed in Oregon.

I rented a house in 1983 that was built in 1899; and was the first house in that 640-acre section of land built. Tall, 12' ceilngs throughout, hardwood floors, massive kitchen cabinets...the house looked haunted in a full moon. There was a barn in the backyard that was positively scary, even in daylight. One night, I heard a noise. My roomies were deployed, so I was home alone. I went into the kitchen, and saw that every door and drawer was open at exactly the same positions. The washer was open, as was the stove and refrigerator! In the living room, the five pictures on the walls were all upside-down. I wasn't about to go out to the enclosed rear porch! Nothing was missing. That whole thing gave me chills!
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we have "max" from the USA, he came over here for ww2 and my grandparents let him stay with them(billeted). when the war ended he came back and stayed for another 60 years. when he died he just stayed around. he was really tall 6.6 "and he just stood at the foot of the kid's (3)bed and watched them. all the kids have seen him and everyone knows he ain't going to hurt them. my grandchild has started to see him now
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