SOLD Hearing Aids for the price of Shipping

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Aug 8, 2011
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I have a pair of Oticon Ria 2 mini BTE hearing aids. These came from my wife's grandmother who has passed away. These were fairly high performance hearing aids when they were purchased about 5-6 (?) years ago.

The molded ear pieces that go into the hearing aids are, of course, a personal item and would need to be re-molded (or a standard set of earpieces can typically be purchased at a very modest price). The aids come with carrying case, a small tool, etc. Today's prices on these are $690 per ear, so new these would be about $1400. They most likely would need to be programmed by an audiologist for the person's particular hearing loss.

If you can provide me reasonable proof that you or a loved one needs these aids (and especially if this person would have trouble affording hearing aids), then they are free. I may even ship them free, but reserve the right to ask for shipping especially in unique circumstances.
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