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Heater valve O ring and valve gasket


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Feb 5, 2011
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Who carries the correct O ring and the heather control valve to heater body gasket for a 1964 Plymouth Fury?


The large O ring within the valve is NAPA 6601000.
The heather control valve to heater body gasket does not exist, I made my own.
DMT (Detroit Muscle Tech) makes everything else for the heater, including the firewall O ring foam pieces.
I bought the kit from DMT I will just need the O ring and gasket.
Thank you!
Is the O ring you speak of the one for the heater valve to core seal?
No, it is the one for the actual control part.

Heater valve pipe to core o-ring, iirc I found multiple replies on a number of threads with various o-ring sizes to use.
I believe I ended up just sourcing one locally or in my stash that fit.
My local John Deere dealer had it.
P/n R27564
Local auto parts stores did not have the o ring
Heater control valve? After a few stabs with different o-rings I gave up, bypassing the core saying I'll tackle it someday. Only drive the car in summer and after 5 years, have thought it would be great to have defrost on maybe 3 occasions. Putting in new carpeting and a modified console any coolant leak would be more nasty. Now after a 2nd neck fusion, looks like it will be someone else putting it in after my car is in someone else's possession.
The o ring showen in post #10 is what I got at my JD dealer. Part #R 27564. Fits on the valve end that slided into heater core.