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Aug 16, 2022
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Toledo, Ohio
I’ve seen it talked about a lot! But I’ve never seen it explained or a diagram, even on YouTube how to clearly wire my HEI in my SB LA 318 motor. ( not to much mechanically inclined ) I’m new to engine and wiring work but can follow follow good instructions and diagrams. I have a 1972 Charger SE where I’ve just replaced the distributor but I don’t think I have it wired correctly. I was told the it would bypass my ICM , ballist resister , and I would not need a coil as well. I’m only looking to connect the HEI to the battery for now ( tach coming later ) but need help.

Any Help/Advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks I’m Advance

What exactly are you using as HEI? It would help to know that much. Are you talking about like a GM HEI? Like this? Not sure how you would do it without a coil.

Or do you have one of these? If so you should only need a switched hot to it. The other terminal is your tach output.

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Great choice by the way!

The HEI needs the full 12v [ ballast res removed or bypassed ]. Sorry, don't know how to post a wiring diagram.
Positive wire that would normally connect to ignition coil, connect to the HEI 12 volt ignition power. At ballast resistor, connect the two connectors together, or put stranded wire through the ballast resistor terminal holes and put the connectors back on the ballast resistor, whichever is easier to by-pass the ballast resistor.
In the top of the cap where the square portion is there are 2 terminals. The one on the right is where you put your switched hot. The other terminal on the left is the tach signal. Then the plug from the distributor goes as you can see in the rear 2 terminals. The front 2 are for your hot and tach.
I bought a complete kit from these guys: CRT Performance, LLC

Works great. I just ran the ignition start and ignition run to the HEI coil and was able to dispense with the ballast and ignition control box on the firewall.

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