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Help Needed....1973 Sunroof Road Runner



My car does not have a headliner or any of its hardware. I have researched it and found out it is a two bow system. I took the rear seat off and found the rear bow.

Does anyone have the measurements and maybe a picture of the other bow? Also, I read about rear bow clips or something? What else do I need?
Some pictures and a lot more specific information will allow us to help you.
HOLLY H3LL what a rip-off Jim's Auto Parts is. When I was at the bottom of the page you posted I noticed the gray rubber tips for the sun visors (62-65 B). $28.00 for a pair of rubber tips!!!!! WTF!!!

I've also heard that Jim's has horrible customer services (some old cranky woman that answers the phone). How this place stays in business is beyond me.

However I like to use their website to gather information on parts applications.

To the OP: If you find out that you need some clips I have some related headliner bow clips that I can sell much cheaper.

well I have known the headliner on sunroof cars is actually a molded panel, not the tipical vinyl with bows
I have a 73 charger sunroof car, the headliner has 2 bows in the rear which are the same bows as a non sunroof car, I have a second 73 charger (non sunroof parts car) and the rear bows are the same, there are two wire retainers that prevent the bows from moving forward that attach to the roof and the headliner bow after the headliner is on the bow