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Hemi 2x4 air cleaner suggestions

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5:53 PM
Dec 8, 2022
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I am finishing up the swap from the KB marine intake with Edelbrock 500's to the Edelbrock 7524 intake with 1912 800 cfm AVS carbs on a 1968 RR with a 478 Hemi. The previous setup had 7" round air cleaners with 2" tall elements. Since the spacing on this new manifold is smaller ( 6 7/16") I need to get different air cleaners.

So I am looking for opinions / suggestions on the oval air cleaner assemblies compared to single round air cleaners on each carb. The car has the A12 style fiberglass hood. It needs to function and be as least restrictive as possible for a street driven car. If my measurements are correct a set of 6 3/8" round with a 4" tall filter should barely fit. The Edelbrock oval assemblies for the 6 7/16" spacing come with either a 2" or 2 1/2" tall filter and I have not been able to find cfm ratings for the Edelbrock setups.

What are your guys suggestions opinions on an air cleaner assembly for this combo?

Thanks in advance!
I wouldn't care for two tiny aircleaners on a 1600 cfm hemi.
I would make a simple base to use two of the oval elements, stacked, and a repop hemi top lid..... if you have enough room under the Sixpack scoop. Otherwise, one oval.
I got my base and top from Shaker hood, west coast, Washington? They make a base with the correct spacing, though I had to massage it just a bit. The stamping on mine wasn't as crisp as I would have liked. I have the #7524 intake and Edelbrock #1405's. Spacing should be the same on your AVS, 5 1/8" airhorns, unless the top of your carb is different. They would know.


That looks like a good answer and I like orange.
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