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Hemi Road Runner for sale in Germany


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Sep 2, 2021
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Hello, everyone,

My name is Marko and I come from Germany. I've been a muscle car fan for a long time and of course I especially like the mopars. My wife and I currently own a 2018 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack with a 6.4 Hemi. It's fun . From time to time we also look for "original" classic cars that are as much as possible original (for fun and as an investment) and now an advertisement has piqued our interest:


Such an original Hemi would of course be something great!

According to the nameplate on the dashboard, it seems like it is a real one. However, there is little information about the car on the Internet. All I have found out is that it was for sale on Ebay in December 2020 and has about 111,000 miles on the clock. Unfortunately, I can't even find fragments of the Ebay ad, in which I may got some information.


Before I contact the seller, I thought I would ask the guys, who definitely have the most knowledge of such cars and hope that you might be able to help me with some advice and some information? Perhaps does someone already have more detailed information on this car (possibly got some contact to the seller in Ebay?

Ist this really a survivor?

Can I buy this car for this price, or is it too cheap? I think normally they were offered in Germany for about 100k €. What surprises me a little is that it has not been sold yet. This add existst about 8 weeks. And 426 Hemi`s are not often for sale in Germany.

What should I have to pay attention to when I am looking at the car? I also realize that the purchase price alone is not enough, does anyone know what an engine overhaul, for example, can cost? I just want to be sure I didn't spend 80k € and later I get a bottomless pit and invest a lot of money.

Thank you very much for your advice and information!

Regards Marko
Welcome from Washington State. Hope it works out for you.
Welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras

I can't help you with the car, don't know it offhand

not much to go by in a couple of photos

looks solid & pretty org. (?)
again not much to go by

You really need to get a shitload of detailed photos
*bottom corners of windows, front & rear windshields etc.
*underside of doors
*drivers & pass side floors near the base of the firewall
*trunk floor
*All from leaky windows or settement, leaves pine needles etc.
rear lower quarters & upper wheel-well lips
frame & subframe, cross-member, rear upper shock mounts
under the rear sail-panel, under the rear windshield base

all can be potential problem areas

especially if the car comes from a colder and/or a wetter climate
or salt air climates &/or places they get a lot of rain
Floridia is known for rusted out hulls

(not all but be careful)
"Lipstick on a pig", painted over crap/rust/bondo

cars from the west &/or southwest USA
are in far drier climates, less rust issues & usually far better org. cars too

if it's a real Hemi car it will have documentation
& a build/broadcast sheet/s, org. fender-tag/s & proper Vin ID

need to see it in person
or have someone that knows these cars inspect it for you

good luck
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$90K isn't a give away, but 8 weeks is a long time. Tread, but tread carefully. Don't put down any money until you or someone you know has seen it in person.
Thank you very much for your tips and good lucks! It is a very nice car and I am interested, but of course I have to look if it is ok or not.
Welcome from Missouri!!
I would look at it in person or get so one to check it out, pictures can tell stories that are not always true.
For posterity: VIN: RM21J8A345778

Be wary. Make sure you lay eyes on this car and touch it, drive it, inspect it, and etc.
A couple of pics from the first link you posted:
$_20 (3).jpg
$_20 (2)~2.jpg

Here's what I found on a different website:



RM21J8A345778-1968-plymouth-road-runner-8-aa391a (1).jpg
RM21J8A345778-1968-plymouth-road-runner-9-aa392a (1).jpg


I'll post a few more pics in a moment.
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Last of the pictures:

And this pic was posted in the ad too:realcrazy:

Welcome from Georgia

I like '68 road runners
I like 426 HEMIs
I like these cars in that shade of yellow.
What more could a guy need:D
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As the RR came from Milwaukee, WI…my hometown, road salt alley. Hopefully it wasn’t driven in winter; but back in the day many muscle cars were daily drivers – I drove three of them back when that I’d never think of doing today. As posted, more distinct photos should be obtained – BUT – with this sort of investment, suggest locating an expert or pay one to do an inspection of the car given that it’s maybe a stretch for you to come to the US. Sure seems like the photos indicate a car with 113k on it – seems a bit too clean. Always wondered why someone would order a car like this with a column shifter…oh well IMO.
What? I translated the page. If I understand, it has to be financed, no cash. I'll check it out by sending all my financial info.
What ya concerned about? Ya don't want to post your ATM pin, bank account number, or SS?
For posterity: VIN: RM21J8A345778

Be wary. Make sure you lay eyes on this car and touch it, drive it, inspect it, and etc.
A couple of pics from the first link you posted:
View attachment 1162129 View attachment 1162130

Here's what I found on a different website:

View attachment 1162132 View attachment 1162133
View attachment 1162145
View attachment 1162136 View attachment 1162137
View attachment 1162146 View attachment 1162147 View attachment 1162149

I'll post a few more pics in a moment.

Thank you so much for the information! It would be very helpful! I try to contact the former seller_maybe I get some more of the history of this car.
Thanks to all of you! It is much more details than I have expected! The documents of this car which are included are great. The numbers of the car seem to match. From this point out it is very good. It depends on the condition of the car...