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Hemi Road Runner for sale in Germany

Hello, the car was sold in December 2020 in Florida by eBay. Now it is in Germany for sale. And I asked if anyone may have some informations about this car's history and what where the main points to look for if I take a look to the car by the seller.
A very nice Road Runner! How much does it cost if it is for sale?
A very nice Road Runner! How much does it cost if it is for sale?

Search for threads about shipping a car to Germany. Many have done it. If you can't find any start one. The costs I have been told are a very small percentage of the cost of a Hemi car. The green one is about the same money, but has a 4 speed and lot more information.
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A very nice Road Runner! How much does it cost if it is for sale?
I can only suggest you "research" by looking at recent auction results. Here is one example:


This car, Lot F170, sold for $66,000, including buyer’s premium at Mecum’s Glendale, AZ, auction held March 11–14, 2020.

Also, it was a lower mileage car than the yellow one you posted.
Go look at the yellow one and report back here.
Another example for @mar392 . This one didn't meet the set reserve price in 2019, but the seller sold it a few weeks later for $83,000. That's a mighty fine deal for the buyer as far as I'm concerned. Others here might disagree.



VIN: RM21J8G214236
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These all are very very nice cars! It seems that it is possible to get a car in better conditions than the yellow one nearly for the same price in America. Hemi with 4 speed manual is in Germany the holy grail. But you will get none. If yes you can't buy it, because it's to expensive. I think about 140 to 200k euro...
@mar392 As many mentioned previously, if you have the funds and are in the market I would highly consider looking for one in the US and transport to Germany. $80K USD is about $67.5k euro, so you might have more than you think if you are pricing in Euro. $140 to $200k Euro is $166 to $237K USD and you could probably buy 2-3 Hemi Road Runners for that. If you do find one in particular you are interested in here in the US there are many members on FBBO that would most likely be willing to go inspect one for you if you offered a small fee to cover their time. I have even done it before.

Don't limit yourself to this one just because it is in Germany. If you are interested in this yellow one, then the best thing you can do is go see it in person. I repeat, go see it in person. In addition to seeing it in person, did I mention go see it in person, get as many photos as you can of every possible area on the car and post some on here. I promise you will get some good honest advice about the condition and price so you can make a well informed and wise decision.

These cars can be emotional and sometimes cause you to make a bad decision. There are many people that will tell you they got excited in the moment and rushed a purchase only to find out they made a bad decision, over paid, and found out they had way more issues than originally thought. Just be careful and do your due diligence (Sorgfaltspflicht).
Thank you for the link for the shipping! First I will take a look to the rr in Germany. I also try to contact the former seller in Florida.
@mar392 , are you looking for any original 426 Hemi car? B bodies from other years?, only '68 road runner / GTX?, or ???
I am looking for B bodies or E bodies with a Hemi. Years of construstion between 1967 and 1971 or smething like that. I do not know exactly how long the Hemin Gen 2 was build.