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Hemi swap into an A body


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Oct 21, 2018
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Mt.Morris MI
Anyone here ever do a Gen2 Hemi into an A body? Curious to what lies ahead. I have a 67 Barracuda with a 511 in it. I recently built a 572 Gen2 to go in. Plan is to use TTI 2 1/8 headers. With i need a tubular K or can i use the stock K? What mods will need to be done? Thanks


Why not ask this question over at For A Bodies Only as there are number of Hemi A body guys there?
My brother did a 72 Duster w/426 Hemi in the early 90's. I know you have to bash the snot out of the right shock tower and I think he used a big block k member. Used a manual steering box also. ruffcut
This is what they did in 64/65 but they had them pre-made. You cut section out and flip it over. Don't know if it helps on A bodies. Saw an original shock tower on ebay about 20 years ago think it sold in the $600 range.
Stock k works fine. You have to space it down 1/2” for the steering linkage to clear the headers. Right shock tower needs laid down. It helps to shorten the steering column. Master cylinder needs shifted over and possibly trimmed depending on valve covers. I’d recommend mocking it up with a plastic block first.





Sorry, late to the game.
Yep. I’ve done the swap. Very challenging and fun. A few pics is a thousand words. TTI has the measurements on line for the hemi centreline on their site. Use that.

You’ll need to clearance the right side shock tower.

The trany crossmember, not a problem with that. The mount fits inside.

Master cylinder needs to go up and over. I raised the bracket up. The ones under the dash, which has the master cylinder studs. I ended up using the doctor Diff master cylinder but others will work too.

A shot of underneath. Everything clears. But close everywhere. I didn’t use spacers between the K frame and frame but I think if I was doing it again I would. Heck I still might if I get bored.

I have a 4 core rad in mine but there’s not much space in front and that extra core makes a difference.

This should help. Ask away if you need.