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Holley street avenger vacuum chocke pull of


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Jul 26, 2022
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Hi guys,

I have a Problem with my holley street avenger on my 383.

The first Minute of runtime of the cold engine, it is way way to rich, smokes and wants to die.

The Problem is, that the choke plate is completely closed. It takes the minute to heat the choke spring to open the choke plate a little bit. Then the engine runs fine.

If you look at the picture, there is no vacuum choke pull of in the housing???
I think my carb has none.

If I turn the choke back, it opens the choke plate a little bit, but then it lowers the idle way too soon and the engine wants to die also.

If I look on the holley homepage, the carb is shown there with a another choke housing with a vacuum pull of ?

It is frustrating. Any ideas?

Best wishes from Germany


I have a SA 670 on the shelf and the choke housing has an internal piston that uses a port in the Main body for a vacuum source. It is right below the port for the secondary diaphragm supply. If you dont have the choke housing with the piston internally someone may have swapped it for a manual housing? I think they came with either option new.


Thx for your reply.
Yours has the vacuum pull off.

I contacted holley about my choke issue and didnt get an answer for 1 Week now.
Not a good customer Service.

My vacuum Port for the choke is blocked.
Best way to get it out without metal flakes going to the engine....dont know yet.

I am looking for a choke housing with the pull off now. It is 80 $ Bucks in the us. To get it to germany it nearly doubles.
Makes me angry because I paid for a e choke carb and it isnt working as it should.

From what I understand on these, there is no vacuum associated with the choke at all. I am not sure which vacuum port you are referring to, but its all electric. The 12V source warms the internal electric coil and turns the choke off as it warms. It works similar to the original choke which used manifold heat to warm the thermal spring. Your electric choke has nothing to do with vacuum on these new holley carbs. You just need to find the sweet spot when twisting/adjusting your choke housing to activate the amount of choke needed on your vehicle. This is why Holley will tell you don't leave your key on in the key on position with the radio playing or anything like that for long periods without it running as it will burn the element out of the choke over time. They need airflow going across them to cool them as the choke pulls off.
"If I turn the choke back, it opens the choke plate a little bit, but then it lowers the idle way too soon and the engine wants to die also."

Then you need to adjust the FAST IDLE SCREW/BOLT to the proper rpm’s for when the engine is cold and choke plate is closed

Then once the engine is warmed up and the choke plate is in the open position , the carb will now rely on your curb idle adjustment screw

Two totally different screws and adjustments

Can you see where your fast idle screw is located ?