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Hood jewelry on 1965 Belvedere.

493 Mike

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FBBO Gold Member
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8:44 AM
Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
Hi fellas,
I'm looking for opinions on chrome hood trim with a scoop. I'm trying for a classy appearance and the scoop sort of screws that up. I do not want a "race car" style but I had to add a scoop for clearance. The scoop will be painted silver to match the upper body color. I plan on reinstalling the "PLYMOUTH" letters and all the Belvedere trim sans the "Belvedere II side script and rocker panel strips
and I'm adding Quik-Latch locking, push button hood pins ("658-QL-38L-LP/P").
I think the above items will blend nicely with the scoop but, I fabbed and chrome plated a hood ornament to use before I realized a scoop was necessary. Do you fellas think I can run the ornament or will it be too "busy"?
I will need to weld shut the extra hole before paint if I'm deleting the ornament.
If I remember, they deleted the ornament on the 65 Hemi cars. If your using hood pins, I think I would fill the hole. Just my opinion. My reasoning for using a B engine in my 65 was to have clearance to not have a hole in the hood. It’ll look good either way.
I don't think the ornament would look right sitting in front of the scoop but that's just me.I do love the scoop and think the lettering should provide all the decor needed.
I had purchased the short hood spear and hood emblem for my 64 but when I went to set it up with the scoop it just didn't look right. I ended up filling the hole so that's my 2 cents.