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Hood mounted turn signals, 1970 Charger

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Apr 13, 2012
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Granite Bay CA
I was under the impression that all 68-70 Chargers had hood mounted turn signals. I've learned that I was wrong.

Hood TS 1.jpg

Hood TS 2.jpg

For 1970, they changed a few things to lower the base price to sell more cars. Some models like the XH base level were really spartan. My "Jigsaw" Charger came with a hood that had these metal block off plates seen above.

They are shaped the same as the lenses:

Hood TS 3.jpg

Hood TS 4.jpg

I'd like to piece together a functional set for this car. As I often do, I look to all sources for parts.
My question....
What other models of cars came with hood mounted turn signals? I figure if I can broaden my list of donors, I may have better luck. These lenses are probably reproduced but I doubt that the wiring harness is.
Thank you for the responses. Jigsaw needs a complete set. Ginger has a finicky right side that seems to fail due to poor grounding on a rusty housing.
A member here posted about a 3D printed set he is making but he didn't list a price. I'm wondering if his or some other can simply be tapped into the turn signal circuit in a non stock manner. My red car Ginger has a bullet connector "pigtail" that Jigsaw does not have. I was thinking of adapting some type of wire that can be disconnected easily if/when the hood needs to be removed.

Here is an interesting development.....

FOR SALE - 1970 Charger hood turn signal lens 3D printed !
1970 Charger hood mounted turn signals. Option code A01 light package. Standard on SE models. A01 option found more on V8 then /6.
Did you finally get it sorted? My buddy needs help too
I PM'd Canadian1968 about the 3D printed lenses. I asked for 2 pair so I can replace the ones in Ginger too.
For Jigsaw, I'll run my own wires, making it functional regardless of how the factory did it.