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Hood scoop question - looking for pics..... 66 Satellite


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Jan 31, 2022
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Going to ask this here as I think its probably better target audience than the 66 forum.

66 Satellite - Street car
505 inches Indy EZ-1 heads with both dual plane and single plane options. I am trying to be proactive and realize I may not have enough clearance with either of them for decent air flow. I am not opposed to preserving the current hood and building a second one (either steel or glass, dont care)

I am not quite sold on the original wide 66 style race scoop - nothing about this car is overly original, and I am as much about function as looks way more so than period correct.

So in an effort not to snuff out this engine when finished I thought I would search the net for some pics - thinking you guys may have some ideas and possibly a plethora of pics you have taken at various events of late.

Cold beer for the one I like the best :)
First off 66 Satellites had no hood scoops that year, so anything added isn't original. Personally I like the 67 RO type hood scoops, but there are plenty of options in the aftermarket.

This is a Coronet and not a Belvedere, but the body style is basically the same.
67 GTX scoops will probably do you no good as they were just decorative to begin with.
I made my own - bought a second hood to cut as I didn’t want to cut my original. Made my own dimensions and then wrapped the hood and scoop in satin black. It’s not for everyone but I don’t like having things everyone else has either.




Mine has a Max Wedge which looks good but it doesn't add a whole bunch of height maybe 1 -1/2"?

There are taller-than-stock maxwedge scoops available.... but I am firmly in the 67 RO scoop camp. Imo, nothing else would look right.
And please don't cut up an original hood! Lots of pluses to a glass hood with the scoop molded in.
I cut up my 62 hood for a scoop. It looks okay.... but not a day goes by I don't regret not buying a glass hood with a max scoop for it instead.
There are taller-than-stock maxwedge scoops available.... but I am firmly in the 67 RO scoop camp. Imo, nothing else would look right.
And please don't cut up an original hood!

I have a couple original hoods - the one that is on it, I wouldnt mess with. But I have one that came off the tube chassis 66 sitting in the shop that will get a glass one.
here's a few members cars too
click on the photos it will say who's, who's
hope they don't mind

67's pretty much the same look

67 Satellite 470ci-440 6.96 eigth mile Kid Mopar @ FBBO.jpg

67 Satellite HT RacerAl @ FBBO hi-10 sec..jpg

67 Satellite HT white 67B-Body FBBO #2.jpg

67 Satellite Wagon Dartari @ FBBO.jpg
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IMO the 69.5 style of 6bbl/six pack style
with the rounded of edges & openings
on anything earlier than a 68, just doesn't look right
the 66-67 IMO (take it or leave it I don't care) it needs the sharper edges

67 Belv. GTX Sat. etc.

67 Belvedere HT atco wheelie.jpg

67 Belvedere (Cruisin'_At_The_Boardwalk_'11).jpg

67 GTX Hemi 426ci Silver Bullet #1.jpg

67 GTX Hemi Fink's Used Cars former Sox & Martin car.jpg

albeit this one is a diecast modle
it's a great depiction
67 GTX Hemi Sox & Martin Die Cast.jpg

67 GTX RO23 Hemi Smith Bros. Racing SS-AH.jpg
more 66/67 Belv. Satellite & GTX

66 Belvedere 426ci Hemi RO-WO Factory race car 1 of 55.jpg

66 Belvedere 426ci Hemi Stock-Elim. Judy Lilly.jpg

another members car, cool wagon good looking scoop
66 Belvedere Wagon Wakee Wagon mmissile @ FBBO.jpg

looks good with a contrasting color
66 Belvedere Wagon.jpg

Jeggs 66 Satellite

66 Satellite HT SS-E Hemi Jegs team car.jpg

can't hardly see it, looks to be really low one
66 Satellite HT SS-EA Hemi in a Hurry.jpg