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How can I make my car HOOK????


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Dec 18, 2017
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Tulsa, OK
It is a 69 Satellite/RR with 440 that is 500 plus hp, 727, 8.75 with 323 gears...
It has 7 leaf springs out back, and stock torsion bars up front with KYB shocks all around, new everything on the car...
Automatic car with Promatic 2 shifter that gives the option of 1-2-3 or regular auto,,,
My pops says I need a pinion snubber, frame connectors, and some kind of tracs and something else for reinforcement...
But I don't know a ton about hardcore hp muscle cars. I have had a lot of 318 a bodys and such mostly...
What do I need if I just don't wanna peel rubber like crazy, and actually wanna hook at least pretty well???

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Subframe connectors welded prerequisite. Real sticky rear tires that will not serve well for a daily driver.
I like to peel out. It isn't mature but **** it...neither am I !

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I use Toyo Proxes TQ Drag radials. Had them for a year. All street and highway miles except for one track day. I like them.
Get an adjustable pinion snubber too.
Beware of cracks in the road.

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I'm with rumblefish360 - dump the KYB's.
A good set of 90/10's up front with a set of adjustable shocks on the rear would help.
A sticky rear tire is needed, but like others have said, they would wear out too fast in normal driving.
No 90/10s if your driving on the street IMO.

Drag radials, CalTracs w/ adjustable Ranchos, subframe connectors = hook. Try the CalTracs last, you may not need them after DRs.