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How to install/drill antenna


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Nov 26, 2016
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Does the fender need to be removed to add an antenna hole and antenna in a 1969 sport satellite or can it be done with everything in place? Crazy thing is I welded closed the original antenna hole thinking I would go with a hidden antenna. Turns out I cant get adequate FM reception and think I need my original mast antenna back. Kicking myself over this one!
They have antennas you can stick to your windshield...it may be an option for you.

IMHO, taking the fender off would be the best practice if you want the OE hole back. This forum is full of great knowledge, so if there is a way to do it without taking the fender off, somebody here has done it. Good luck!
I had to replace the antenna on the Coronet. I did it with the fender on. You need enough room to swing the door open all the way. I'm a big guy with big hands and arms and it was tight but I got it done. Naturally the kick panel needs to be removed first.
Years ago, a buddy who wanted a stealthy installation mounted the antenna under the car, pointing to the rear. It seemed to work OK.
The factory antenna holes were also notched for the antenna bezel.
It's been a longggggg time since I mounted one. I think I chose where I wanted it on the front passenger side; and put some masking tape there. Center punched and drilled a small pilot hole and used a Greenlee punch for the hole. Worked out very well. Although it was tight, I was also able to do it with fender on!
I appreciate the responses. I may try one of those amplified antennas that stick on the window first, but if it doesn’t work it appears I at least don’t have to remove the fender. Thanks for the help
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