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How to take pictures of a car I might sell


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Jan 4, 2012
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I'm 75 and kind of low tech. I have a beautiful 65 Satellite that I've had many years and is in excellent shape but my health has really slowed me down I'm not able to keep it up and enjoy it like I used to. I can give an excellent description of the car and whats been done but as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. I can take excellent pictures with my I Phone but I have no idea how to take the pictures and put them in the post so someone can see them and know if the might be interested. If anyone could give me instructions on how to do this, I sure would appreciate it. If I can't figure it out, I probably wont post. It's burgundy with black interior with 440/ 727. and sure grip(just to mention only of a very few things. Thanks.
and (if they accept your car) they will write the description of the car, as well as send a local photographer to take pictures of your car. Also, they can help you set a reserve price for auctioning of your car on their website.
Have you ever downloaded to your computer? The center of the three buttons below is: "upload photos". That should give you choices of Desktop or your photo program.

This is a Screen Shot of the reply box. The Screenshot appears on my Desktop when I do one
Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 2.55.59 PM.png
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To post pics in a for sale ad here on the site...and most forums...you need to have to pics hosted on a site that will allow you to share the pic URL. I use Imgur, once the pic is uploaded you can then copy the URL/address of the pic, on Imgur it will give you various options for sharing, you'd want to choose the one for message boards/forums.

Open another tab and create your for sale ad, then when you want to insert your pic just right click your mouse and "paste" the url. then go back to the other tab and copy the next pic URL and repeat.
What would something like this cost?
Their website explains it all, but it costs $99 for the auction service and $250 for the photography service.
You can upload photos from your computer or your iPhone if you are using your Iphone to list your car, you don’t need a URL.
Do you by chance have a younger relative or neighbor who could show you how ? I have always helped my seasoned neighbors with tv / internet stuff over the years.
You have an iPhone so it is not that hard but need a transfer cable and computer.
We can try and walk you through it if you need to.
Just make sure you have the little details covered on the cleanliness of the car inside and out. The camera pics up everything and so do discerning eyes of potential buyers. We’ve seen guys advertise with the most foolish lack of spit, polish pick up. I know you’re smarter than that but worth a mention.
sorry about your health hope your car gets an owner and not a flipper.
If you have a computer & email you don't need cables or anything else... Simply email your photos to yourself... After emailing them to yourself go to the computer then go to the email & right click the photo & select save attachment or attachments... You can usually email yourself about five or six photos in a single email... I usually save the photos to the desktop... Now you have the photos on your computer...

From there when typing out your ad you should be prompted or see a icon to attach photos... Click the icon, it will offer various locations, usually the first one listed is desktop.... Click desktop & scroll around for your photo & double click.... That should load the photo... Repeat as necessary....
Just get someone to help download the app (or save the site) for this site to the iPhone, and use the Upload Photos button on the bottom of a For Sale advert.

It's that easy.
I might be interested, PM me here. Click on my user ID to start a conversation.