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I am welcoming my wagon to the welcome wagon


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11:42 PM
Mar 12, 2021
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Earlier this year, I finally decided to post that i was looking for a 1970 dodge
Coronet wagon. After posting around multiple websites and online listings, i received a phone call at 9pm one night. The gentleman and i spoke for a solid 2 hours. Then in late April, i took a trip to Arizona for a fairly solid 1970 dodge coronet wagon. Seller said it was rust free, but i knew that was too good to be true, and it was. It was a solid trip, used more gas than i wanted too, but thats ok. I had my dream car. I get the car home, get it unloaded and the first thing i do is clean out the rat cr@p and get rid of the carpet. Seats are next. This is so i can put the car into the garage and not have my garage smell. I was luckily able to score 2 engines and a transmission for my car for free. Though, the two motors are locked up from water damage in the cylinders. The 383 only has 1 cylinder with water damage while the 440 has 2 cylinders. I will be keeping a good solid log on my progress, but because i am a working man and money is tight at times. There will only be so much i can do at times. I work as an automotive instructor for our local community college. So having room to work on it wont be so bad. I also have welders who are more than welcoming to help restore it because they are Mopar lovers themselves. I will make a log in the projects and and restorations. I also have a million questions that i will be posting around as well. Thank you all and i look forward to becoming a valuable member of this community.

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I likes me a wagon.
I likes me a wagon.
me too, the 70 front end was my favorite of all the mopars by far. and im just a sucker for wagons. i have big plans for this car. i hope to get the motor and trans done during the winter and start on body work next summer. thats the plan anyways.
Absolutely beautiful car!
thank you. i was in love with how straight the body is, im hoping i dont find much more than the trunks and floor pans being rotted out. but im always expecting suprises.
Welcome aboard from Ohio.
Welcome from Michigan the Motor City! Looks like a good solid project to start with. There's a lot of interior in those wagons. 440'
Nice wagon. Get your gloves and respirator out when dealing with rodent poo. Once you get interior out, set off a bleach bomb on the inside to sterilize. Bleach down anything interior wise that will get reused.
Welcome from Vermont! Nice score! Great looking car and in pretty fair shape overall. People have started out with much worse. Gotta love the long roofs.
Welcome aboard Sir, from the middle of the mitten.
You going green with that one? :D Nice Wagon.
I really like seeing wagons, I'd love to get one of those myself someday. I think one would look great sitting beside what I've got now.

I hope you have a smooth journey restoring this one!

Station wagons-

The SUV of yesterday.