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I don't want to be awake this late!

493 Mike

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FBBO Gold Member
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7:41 PM
Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
The phone rang at 1:20 AM and woke me up. It was my youngest. He was in the hospital getting checked over after someone crossed the centerline and totaled his truck. He is OK but, I guess I'll be vehicle shopping with him today and Saturday. My wife wanted to retrieve him so I stayed home with our handicapped boy (36 YO ). My plate is too full now and I just got a second helping!
Sorry to hear that Mike....I hope your son is alright, and recovers to full fitness. I also worry about what's in store for my two boys.
I hope all is well,
Good luck with the vehicle search

It can be daunting as a "good" parent sometimes...
Glad you're one of the good ones :thumbsup:

I hope no one was hurt, not to bad anyway...
Material stuff can be replaced or covered by insurance etc.
It still sucks...

I'm on later, than I normally am too, been too spun up I think...
Glad he's ok! Any cross centerline / head on usually results in much worse if you know what I mean. So there is a least a little blessing there! Keep doing what you do, it's a good thing!
Man.. sorry to hear. Great to hear he's O.K. though, left of center usually doesn't play out well. I worry about my kids coming of age to drive for that reason, lot's of idiots on the roads now days especially when you throw phones into the mix. Best wishes
Glad he's ok.....and it was my oldest (step daughter) that was the idiot that everyone else had to watch out for! And we got lots of late night calls from jail with her wanting mommy to come get her out. I guess my soon to be X forgot about all the crap WE endured....