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Indian Ocean Newbie


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May 18, 2023
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Mayotte island (France)

First of all I apologize for my very bad English!

Let me introduce myself, Pierre.

I am French, originally from Metz, in Lorraine near the German and Luxembourg borders. I have been living for a long time on a French island in the Indian Ocean: Mayotte.

I register on the forum because I am a fan of US cars (obviously!).
I own 4 US cars including 2 Mopar:
DODGE CHARGER 1971 R/T 440-4bbl, TF 727 + 8 3/4 in 3.23
IMPERIAL 1958 2 DOORS SOUTHAMPTON (base model "Custom")
HUMMER H2 2003

The HUMMER is in Mayotte and the 3 other vehicles are in Metz.

Here are pictures of my cars:
20181023_170622 bis.jpg

056 bis.jpg

20171007_075948 bis.jpg

20220622_085358 bis.jpg

My DODGE CHARGER is an Export model sold new in Switzerland by AMAG. I bought it in Germany in 2013.
AMAG assembled US cars in Switzerland (Mopar but also Studebaker from 1949 to 1972. AMAG mainly assembled Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Dart.
AMAG also imported complete cars (Plymouth Barracuda and some Dodge Charger).
My car is part of the 375 Charger R/T '71 Export.
Like all Export models sold in Switzerland, it has many original options: Air conditioning, G60x15 RWL tires, power steering, power brakes, electric windows, rim blow steering wheel, rally wheels, AM radio w/ cassette tape player, tachometer , fender mounted turn signal, rear defroster, 6 way bucket seat, center console, sure grip rear axle, full black vinyl top, front disc w/ 10" rear drum, LH remote racing mirror, pedal dress up, door edge molding, front bumper guards.
Non-original options: RH mirror, Front spoiler, Gull wing, hood pins, exhaust tips.

It is with pleasure that I register on this forum to take advantage of your advice.

Tout d'abord je m'excuse pour mon très mauvais anglais !

Permettez-moi de me présenter, Pierre.

Je suis français, originaire de Metz, en Lorraine proche des frontières allemande et luxembourgeoise. Je vis depuis longtemps sur une île française de l'Océan Indien : Mayotte.

Je m'inscris sur le forum car je suis fan des voitures US (évidemment !).
Je possède 4 voitures US dont 2 Mopar :
DODGE CHARGER 1971 R/T 440-4bbl, TF 727 + 8 3/4 po 3.23
IMPERIAL 1958 2 PORTES SOUTHAMPTON (modèle de base "Custom")
HUMMER H2 2003

Le HUMMER est à Mayotte et les 3 autres véhicules sont à Metz.

Voici des photos de mes voitures :
View attachment 1466544
View attachment 1466545
View attachment 1466546
View attachment 1466547

Mon DODGE CHARGER est un modèle Export vendu neuf en Suisse par AMAG. Je l'ai acheté en Allemagne en 2013.
AMAG assembla des voitures américaines en Suisse (Mopar mais aussi Studebaker de 1949 à 1972. AMAG assembla principalement des Plymouth Valiant et des Dodge Dart.
AMAG a également importé des voitures complètes (Plymouth Barracuda et quelques Dodge Charger).
Ma voiture fait partie de la 375 Charger R/T '71 Export.
Comme tous les modèles Export vendus en Suisse, il dispose de nombreuses options d'origine : Climatisation, pneus G60x15 RWL, direction assistée, servofreins, vitres électriques, volant soufflé sur jante, roues rallye, radio AM avec lecteur cassette, tachymètre, monté sur garde-boue clignotant, dégivreur arrière, siège baquet à 6 voies, console centrale, essieu arrière à prise sûre, dessus en vinyle noir complet, disque avant avec tambour arrière de 10", rétroviseur de course à distance LH, habillage de pédale, moulure de bord de porte, protections de pare-chocs avant.
Options non d'origine : Rétroviseur droit, Spoiler avant, Aile de mouette, goupilles de capot, embouts d'échappement.

C'est avec plaisir que je m'inscris sur ce forum pour profiter de vos conseils.




NICE vehicles and welcome to the forum. You write English much better than I can write French.
Welcome from Pennsylvania, USA!

Your writing in English is great, and so are your cars!
Welcome to the forum! Your 71 is one of my favorite vehicles!
Welcome to the site!! Nice cars you have....!
Welcome from a hill in Arkansas!

“Fantasy Island” was a TV show where the host of the Island would grant the visitors special wishes.


I’ll be on my way shortly, no pun intended!

Comment allez-vous ? Vous avez une belle voiture. ( sorry, but it's been eons since I took French )
Welcome from the middle of Illinois, USA!! All of your cars look like they are well maintained and have seen a lot of love. Very nice! :thumbsup:
Welcome from New Zealand.

Nice cars! Love the Charger.
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Welcome from Alabama, great looking cars.
Welcome from a hill in Arkansas!

“Fantasy Island” was a TV show where the host of the Island would grant the visitors special wishes.

View attachment 1466580

I’ll be on my way shortly, no pun intended!

I saw this program on French television in the early 80s! The actor who played Tatoo was French!

When I arrived in Mayotte in 1991, was it the fantastic island for me!
It was still Africa, very few cars, dirt roads, no electricity in the villages, a simple life...
Today the island has developed, a lot of traffic jams, a lot of delinquency....
There are still the beaches and the lagoon.
Welcome from New Zealand.

Nice cars! Love the Charger.
The car is matching number (engine, gearbox, rear axle). It is in good condition but it is not a show car!
In the photos, she still has a "Go wing" spoiler. It has since been replaced by a Gull wing.
The car was repainted a long time ago, its original color was "tan metallic" (GT2).
One day it will regain its original color. Here is an example: