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Interesting 67 coronet/charger hybrid convertible on ebay - not mine


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Nov 1, 2016
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San Diego, CA
Somebody did alot of work on this car:


Screenshot 4.png Screenshot 3.png Screenshot 2.png Screenshot 1.png
I'd like to make one, but a not a convertible and the scoops were a bad idea.
You know, I like it and I like the scoops & what appears to be a functional Ramcharger setup....not bad at all.
I like it, but the scoops just aren’t working for me. Maybe if they were body color
I don't care for lemon twist on pre-1970 cars.

If they'd have used an available 1967 color and not added the scoops, I'd like it.
Not my personal cup of tea, but I think he did a nice job. Appreciate the work done but wonder why he's now selling it? Seems minor issues to finish it.

Dad had a pale yellow 67 Charger but don't recall name of color. That might have looked better or at least more correct.
I would have bid on it, if it were not for the rust issues and the convertible thing. I agree with everyone on the scoops, but I think there is a better way on them, I would have to see the dimensions on the holes cut to see what it would take to make functional hood scoops that look good. I'm thinking something along the lines of a modified 67 GTX scoop, and also body color to eliminate the distraction. There is also the option of a R/T hood and selling the air box setup.
Mostly bolt-on stuff, to a 67 Coronet, and the Charger grill thing, is commonly done. The builder has time in that...that's for sure, but customs are the most difficult to resell. OEM and racecars are pretty straight forward. Customs are built to individual taste. Taste and opinions can vary wildly.
It's back on eBay. 15K buy it now. I'm just not a Convertible guy.
I've wanted to make a Charger convertible for a while. $15 is a decent price for all the mods added. The only changes I would make would be to respray in RR1 yellow, use modified 69 Roadrunner scoops, and use 67 Charger full wheel covers, add Charger door panels, rear buckets and console.
reminds me of the older days when we would swap out front clips on darts and dusters.
take a 73-74 and make it look like a 70.
the concept of this car is cool
the execution is not all that coherent,imo.
i do like some of the suggestions in this thread tho.