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Is this a good metal prep


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Nov 29, 2015
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Bartlesville, Oklahoma
I stripped most of my engine bay in a 71 Plymouth but can see micro rust and some paint is hard to get off. So what I was think is to use Jasco paint remover then use Klean concrete and metal prep then epoxy primer? Do I need to neutralize the paint remover with just water and can the metal prep be left on and let it dry then paint over it or neutralize and scuff with sand a paper?
Sounds way to complicated. Degreas engine bay, strip paint with 3m 07470 Clean & Strip Discs and wire wheel, Prep steel to epoxy manufacturers recommendations (usually 80 grit) and shoot some epoxy. Also if you don't have any body work to do in the engine bay, let the epoxy flash off and paint straight over it in the recoat window. Saving you prep time

As for paint stripper, rust neutralizer/converters and concrete cleaners I would stay away. I've never liked the idea leaving a chemical cocktail under the epoxy. Especially if theres pitting ,as problems usually come back due to rust/chemicals not being properly removed or neutralized .
Clean then treat with phosphoric acid only. When you see changes to a black surface the acid has deactivated rust to iron oxide. Sand off and clean and immediacy dry. Your ready for epoxy if surface does not need further attention