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Is this front suspension seal replaceable?


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Aug 6, 2012
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In this picture, where the yellow arrow is pointing, is this torn up rubber gasket/seal replaceable? Been looking through the FSM and Factory Parts Catalog, and can't find anything specific on it, though in the Parts Catalog, it looks like it may be referred to as "Bumper." But what all needs to be taken apart to replace it? Car is a 69 Super Bee.

That is not a seal or a bumper. You must be using the wrong terminology when looking for it.
That is the lower control arm bushing. They do wear out and require replacement.
The disassembly process is covered in the manual. Look up "Lower control arm bushing replacement" and it should be well detailed.
From the 69 factory pats book: Group 2-10-78 bushing

1858 024 Same number for V B L R and W.

When replaceing - watch the i.d. of the Moog bushings. There was a run that were the wrong size, it may actually still be an issue. I myself, and others on her have had ones that are "loose" on the LCA shaft, able to slip out of the metal sleeve.
Put new upper, lower, strut rod bushings all at the same time. Your already there with most of the disasembly.
Put new upper, lower, strut rod bushings all at the same time. Your already there with most of the disasembly.
My upper arms are QA1 so those are good. Should only need to focus on the LCA. Pulled the motor to fix an oil leak, but now it looks like front suspension work will be included.

I finally get to use that PST front rebuild kit that I bought 10 years ago after incorrectly being told by a lazy lazy local speed shop my car couldn't be aligned because the front end was crap.
As bad as that bushing is maybe the shop was more correct than you think... When the bushing is like that the arm moves in relation to the anchor pin... It might align fine then take it for a drive & the parts have moved making the alignment moot...
While you have the arms/shafts out, have a look at the sleeves in the k-frame that the shafts go through. Check for cracks/tears, sleeve egged out etc. If you find anything, fix before the units go back in.
That's the lower control arm bushing and it's bad. I tried the pst replacement bushing and shaft and didn't like it at all. The factory bushing is vulcanized into the outer metal shell. The pst isn't. Didn't take long, maybe 6 months and the pst bushing was squirting out the front side and broke off in chunks. Went back with a factory style bushing and shaft and problem solved. The old bushing is tough to get out. Weld a vert thick washer to the outer can then drive it out from the back side. Good luck.