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Josh's Muscle car parts

Oh man, I missed that thread ! Does not sound like a reputable company. Thanks guys !
.....I've seen a lot of new posters on here selling some high end gear....which is cool.....but man, it's risky if they have no reputation.
I ordered an item from them a few years ago. Out of all the places to order from, they were the only place that had the item so I was pretty happy. I didn’t get the item after 2 weeks so I called. They said it was on backorder from the manufacturer. They said to call back in two weeks. I played the phone game for a while and finally had to get PayPal involved when they stopped returning calls or answering their phone. I finally got a credit from PayPal if I remember correctly indicated they got no response from them while trying to check into the matter. Luckily the item I ordered was only $25 and I was Just going to write it off as the time and hassle wasn’t worth it. But then I decided PayPal needs to know how this place operates. Took 3 months from the time I ordered to get a refund from PayPal.
I use AMEX for everything. PayPal is great though, but you need to manage expectations from individual sellers. I try to get on when a new member arrives selling high end stuff on here.....point them toward the welcome wagon....
Tried to contact them recently about a part they listed. Could not get through to a person by phone or a reply to an email.
Even after reading this post, I ordered a steering wheel from them last week. The order showed up in my inbox but nothing since. I tried calling and left a voice mail and then emailing them two days ago, nothing. So I filed a complaint with PayPal this morning for non receipt.

Low and behold, while I sitting here looking stupid, UPS showed up with a box from PG Classics. There it was, the steering wheel I ordered from Josh's Muscle Car Parts. It would have been nice to get a message saying that my part had been shipped via UPS like most companies would.

I do not like the fact that a company will take my money and not even communicate. But I am happy that I have my Steering wheel now!!!
So they did respond to my PayPal complaint and I closed it. They did say 'yes, we are still in business'. So if I need something, I may look them up. Of course I understand they will not respond to any messages via phone or email. Their prices are compatible with other vendors though.

Curious as to why you didn't "just" order the part from PG Classics, a reasonably reputable company instead of a third party with documented questionable rep?
I ordered from joshes because the price was cheaper, plus I had no idea they were selling PG classics parts.

Josh’s was $25 cheaper.
Terrible vendor.
Just went through a month long hassle with them.
I ordered “concours correct” battery cables for my coronet from them. They were not cheap! I received A body cables. After a frustrating call with a rep (guy tried to tell me that the cables were right.), they agreed to a return.

I had to ship the incorrect cables back on my dime, and had to file a paypal claim to get my money back.

Again, don’t bother with them!
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I had good luck with them on a couple items, cheaper than classic and pg big difference.
I've ordered from them a few times with no issues, but maybe I was just lucky.
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