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Just arrived, a Super 1977 400 Cordoba!


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Jan 6, 2014
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I just wanted to say thanks to death row for selling me his Cordoba!. I bought it here on FBBO, and left Saturday Morning at 11:30 A.M heading to Ozona, Texas.(1040 miles) I arrived sunday afternoon, and the car was as advertised! I left at 5:45 Sunday, and stopped in Abilene, texas. This morning I passed thru Wichita falls, and wished I could have stopped where TallHair suggested for ribs, but my wife wanted me home. I think she thinks I'm getting too old for marathon trips. I made it back to Omaha at 9:30 P.M.!
2150 miles in 3+ days! The car is still on the trailer, but tomorrow is another day!

Thanks again, Ben!


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I'll post again, but go back 30 days on this site and look for 77 cordoba, it will pop up. Dark Blue hardtop.
glad you made it ok now rest after that get started on that car lol keep us posted on your progress
thanks mr.b, here are the pictures of the Cordoba, not much to do, some minor hail, and different wheels. I may build a bit better 400
for it. There is also a 74' 440 HP forged crank engine sitting in the shed. Oh hell, I'm just going to drive it for the summer. There is a new dual exhaust and electronic Ignition on it already, the original thermoquad, so with the 9 1/4 3:21 rear it runs really crisp.. Those Decals were Installed at the Dealer many years ago, and a copy of the Dealer title came with the car.
Nice score! I had made up my mind to make the 5 1/2 drive to go look at it when the thread went "SOLD". She looks like a very nice ride!!!
I use to prep and service these cars at the dealer, back then. I always liked them. They were easy to work on, really drove and handled nice. I never knew of a bad one, ever. Enjoy your new car!
I use to prep and service these cars at the dealer, back then. I always liked them. They were easy to work on, really drove and handled nice. I never knew of a bad one, ever. Enjoy your new car!

My brother has had four of them through the years and they are very, very nice cruisers!
Nice looking car. A factory tach I would think that would be kind of rare.
super 1977 Cordoba!

Thank you everyone! once in a while, you have to go with your gut. it drives like a cop car, with all the heavy duty options, and Ben Is a Real Professional. The most important part tonight was when my wife sat in it, and James Taylor came on the new radio Ben installed. We had a 78' magnum GT in 1980, and married only six yearsthen. She smiled and asked if the original Ricardo Mantolban commercial was on YouTube! She wants to go on a trip!I love my 68' charger, but it is nice to get In something you can drive all day(I sell Real estate) and park anywhere,and doesn't cost a million bucks to repair if your in an accident.
Congratulations buddy! That is the most loaded car I've ever seen or heard about !!!
So you've had it home a few days .. how are you liking it and how many miles have you put on it?
even better,
I put on a set of American Racing 15x7 wheels and 215/70-15's. The car looks much better! It definitely has a limited slip rear, with 5 springs, the brakes are the larger Police type. It starts first time, every time! No regrets
Yeah, those wheels had to go. Let's see some pic's of her with the new wheels.
it shall be done! I love those Road runner decals,,,,,,,and emblems. I swear Ill leave it alone, but that 440P in the shed haunts me!