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Just some 512 c.i engine **** !!!!!!

19 69 GTX

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Apr 30, 2016
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Ok anyone want to guess the hp and torque of my freshly built low deck 512 stroker. Bottom end is 440 source 512 stroker kit. Cam is the Trick Flow roller cam which specs out at .600 lift and 243 intake and 247 exhaust @.50. Trick Flow 240 heads with Harland Sharp roller rockers. Trick Flow intake top with a Quick Fuel 950 cfm. Compression right around 10.3 to 1. Really a fairly mild build but wanted a really streetable combo for my 69 GTX that will have a new Tremec 5 speed and a hydraulic clutch. Out back will be the factory Dana 60 with 4.10 gears. I may switch back to the 3.54 gears. Dyno will happen hopefully sometime next week. My guess is 605 hp and 670 tq.

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I built the same engine with the only difference being the intake and carb. I used the Edelbrock RPM intake and 800 AVS2 carb. And yes, I think you are really close for HP! I didn't dyno mine but think I'm between 550 and 600 somewhere. Good enough for me!
I hope to see what yours does on the pump! ruffcut
My 496 w a slightly smaller roller cam w 440 Source heads is 610/670 hp/tq at the crank. W that lift/duration n 16 more cubes, you should be a tad over that.
My 496 w a slightly smaller roller cam w 440 Source heads is 610/670 hp/tq at the crank. W that lift/duration n 16 more cubes, you should be a tad over that.

That would very sweet..no matter what I'm sure it's all I need to cruise the streets and have some fun for sure..
440 aircleaner on a low deck? I'm guessing 628HP at 6200 and 657 ft/lbs at 3300.
My hp/tq peak at 5,200/3,900. Averages 660tq from 3,200-4,800.
Nice. Did a 505" 440 stroker with the 440 source kit and the lightweight 4.25" crank.
10:1 compression, TF240 heads, 1.6:1 HS rockers, M1 intake, Lunati solid roller, but simular duration, in the 240's @ 0.050", headers, and 950 cfm carb.
Never dynoed the engine, but is should have made around 600 HP. Seemed pretty tame to me, I was planning to put EFI on it. Sold it to a friend.

I think the cam was the Voodoo 40230732LK
From Lunati:
"Solid Roller Cam. Good cam for street/strip application. Has good mid range and upper RPM, torque and HP. Works well in 440 c.i. motors. Needs 2800-3200 RPM stall converter or 4/5-speed transmission, headers, 10.1+ compression ratio and 4.10+ gearing. Rough idle. ;Advertised Duration (Int/Exh): 273/279 ;Duration @ .050 (Int/Exh): 243/249 ;Gross Valve Lift (Int/Exh): .578/.585 ;LSA/ICL: 110/106 ;Valve Lash (Int/Exh): .016/.016 ;RPM Range: 2800-6800 ;Includes: Cam & Lifters (#72421-16)"

Says rough idle, but not in the 505" engine.
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I built the exact same combo for a friend, or there than the intake and carb. I’ll be curious for the dyno results.
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I don't see why it wouldn't be closer to 650hp
I'm guessing more like 650 hp and 735 torque. That thing is gonna breathe. Big exhaust will help. Like 2" primary headers and 3" exhaust. Enjoy all that torque.
Do you have hp and torque numbers yet? I'm with everyone else with estimating 600 to 650 hp and over 650 torque.