SOLD Late 1969 Production Hybrid K Member 1969 Top 1970 Bottom

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Mopar John

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Jun 1, 2013
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Northwest Indinan
I am selling my spare late production 1969 model year K member.
Some time in late April or Early May 1969 Chrysler started using the
1970 stamping for the bottom of the K members.
The new stamping has provisions for the new 1970 style sway bar.
This K member was a spare for my late 1969 production Dodge Daytona!
It has a date code of 122 9 or one of the first days of May 1969.
The price on this K member is $500.00 plus shipping.
I can deliver to one of these upcoming shows with pre payment:
The Chicagoland Mopar Connection Winter Swap Meet on Sunday February 12th in Tinley Park, Illinois.
The Indy Cylinder Head Mopar Swap Meet on Friday March 3rd or Saturday March 4th in Indianapolis, Indiana.
If you are interested start a private conversation.
Thanks! John

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