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Left parking light wiring


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Nov 10, 2022
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Citrus Springs, FL
My 68 Charger project was missing the left turn signal/parking light assembly when I bought it so I picked one up. When I went to install it all I had was this single point connector that has been wired in to the harness behind the headlight. It looks like the side marker connector or something. (By the way the side marker lights have been deleted from the car by some previous owner). Does anyone have a picture of the engine side compartment connector to the left parking light. My schematic shows a 3rd wire coming from that connector that runs over to the right parking light assembly. Is that right? The schematic also shows the wiring for the parking lights coming from a 6 wire connector under the hood. Is that the connector behind the battery? That might be a good place to start to wire in a new connector. I wonder if the connector is available or if I should be thinking about aftermarket connectors. Any help would be appreciated!




the left side must get just the splicing wire to feed both side parking lights, but is the same signal coming from headlight switch

That kind of plug can be found as "quick disconect link" althought some other names are available for that like "trailer plug" since are also used for trailer connections. Some othe names too. They can be found as a loop wires to be cut and use both plugs to conect both together linking to sides circuits and matching colors... or being sold a a pigtail

several lenghts and gauges available around


Sidemarkers get a diff wire for this "same signal" thought, because up to 68 parking lights were turned off when headlights got turned on, but sidemarkers remain on yet just like tail lights ( sidemarkers are into the tail lights circuit ), so headlights switch separates these two lights signals coming from diff prongs at switch.

On 69 when the front parking lights changed to be kept on while headlights are on, assembly plant just linked both prongs with a jumper wire between them... althought 69 didn't get lighted on parking lights but just reflector lenses.

Single conector I guess can be found as a bullet plug or something like that. Pigtails are available too for those. but getting the sidemarkers it must be a plug and play job with the plug included.

SAE 2 PLUG or 2 pole/ways SAE bullet plug is a more official name for the plug
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Just so I'm clear, does the right side parking light get power first and then you have a splice to run power to the left side parking light?
diagram shows wire arriving to left side then being spliced from there to the right side for parking lights function.
diagram shows wire arriving to left side then being spliced from there to the right side for parking lights function.
OK thanks. I guess my first order of business should be to determine exactly what powers the two wires I have hanging out of the left side.
Sidemarker... And same source is spliced from there to right side sidemarker