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Length of dipstick


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Jan 18, 2019
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:luvplace:Hey there guys another question does anyone out there happen to know the length of the dipstick should be on my 73 satalitte with a regular 318 motor? Reason I'm asking is mine is looking a bit crusty and l thought I'd replace it with a new one. What's put the fear of God in me is my son's got a 77 Z28 with a 454 big block in ther that he's had for a short period of time and was changing the oil in it and after getting a few liters of oil in there.he's checking the level with the dipstick and it's not registering that fast! so he left it overnight to settle down and come morning he checked it again and it still was barely marking the dipstick so and l dont know how he managed to do it but he got the original length of the dipstick and guess what? Turns out its not the correct one for his engine this one's like an inch and a half shorter than it should be!!! So now there's way to much oil in there!!!
I have found that many 318(or any LA small block) have changed thru the years. Trucks are longer,that's a given but cars vary as much as several inches. I just went thru this with a 1970 318. I had 4 different dipsticks(all known small blocks) and using the engines factory tube all 4 were different lengths.Installed 5 quarts of oil with the proper oil filter after starting,and then letting it sit took the longest that registered and remarked it for the engine.
If all were too short I would shorten the tube till it registered correct. Works for me.
Change oil and filter, then pour 4 quarts in, start the engine to fill the filter. Shut it off and let it sit 5 minutes, then check the stick, should be on add. Pour in another quart for 5 total, now it should be full.

If not then remark it so you know your reading correctly. Done deal.

Almost a crap shoot to measure the stick on another car. Many things get changed over the years. What if The tube it too long or short? Which one is right? Yours or his? How would you know?
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R413 is absolutely correct, that is a great way to verify if you have the correct one. I could go measure the dipstick on my 73 340, but I bet its different that your 73 318.
Yep, I had the same question when putting on an aftermarket oil pan. These guys above are right. Just find a stick that fits & is long enough (cut shorter if needed). Change the oil, let all the oil settle down into the oil pan (maybe overnight), pull out the stick and mark it with a chisel/hammer....done.
I like to drill small holes to mark a dipstick. Makes it easier to read the oil line as the holes hold the oil. Especially with clean oil.
great advice here. Sorry, I really expected this to be in the blue section. Perhaps I've been working to much.....
Engine rebuilder broke the dipstick tube off on my 68 318. He put an aftermarket Mr Gasket chrome, in. I didn't want chrome. According to all sources I found, all small blocks take the same one. except van and pickup truck.( I doubt that) The tube is very long, and I don't like it. It is straight, and I am afraid it will interfere with the alternator , A/C compressor or other part.. Anyone using the Mr Gasket and how do you like it? ...................MO