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Long Time MOPAR Driver/Collector

Mariposa Mike

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Jun 12, 2024
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Mariposa, CA
New to this site and it was suggested I post something about my interests. I've had various MOPARS over the years beginning with a new 1963 Plymouth Fury 383-4spd (yes I'm older than dirt) and next a 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury with the L code 440. That was a great car that I kept for 10 years until I needed a van for the family and purchased a 1977 B200 I modified into a camper. Picked up a used 1972 Dart Swinger for the wife which had the slant 6 and was a great car. Later I needed a pick up and left the brand for a few years with a 1990 Chev. 3/4 ton long bed but came back in 2004.5 with a Dodge Ram 2500 with the 5.9 diesel and long bed. Still have that one. Then a 2014 RAM 3500 with the 6.7 diesel and bought a camper for it but the required DEF and issues with that crap forced me to sell it. Bought a 2023 RAM 2500 with the 6.4/392 Hemi and have that for a nice capable driver/towing rig and primarily use the 2004 as a ranch truck now. And....over the years I have collected a couple Chrysler 300K's (1964)that are under restoration. Last week I acquired a 1966 Dodge Charger and that has brought me to this forum because I am not an expert on these but like the model. It'd a driver but needs some work to make it a good car to display.

I hope to find the help and advice I need to make this a great surviver. It was in the same family since new and now has over 110K miles and maybe more. There has been some work done on the gauges so I don't know if it was changed out or not. An extra/parts instrument cluster showing some 39,000 miles came with it.

It's possible the previous owner was a member of this forum. He was from CA but for the last 20 or so years was in the Chicago area. Sadly he passed away in January. I reside near Yosemite, in CA of course. Hey somebody has to live here and I'm too old to get out. I enjoy wrenching on cars and it looks like a lot of the parts on this car are similar to the 64's I own. I have a lot of extra parts for those so that may come in handy. Have lots of questions about the 66 and would like to present it as original as possible. I've already noticed some parts have been replaced with non stock items, like the horns...removed to make room for a radiator overflow tank. Want to get those back to stock and they did not come with the car. And so on.....
Welcome! The only thing better than an L code SF is a 66 Charger!!
Welcome from Alabama, you came to the right place.
Welcome to FBBO from Ontario, Canada. Sounds like a nice collection of Mopars. Good luck with your projects.
Nice write up...

Welcome to FBBO from Tuolumne Co. above Sonora
Welcome (1)c.jpg

Glad to have you aboard Mike! Not often that someone joins and admits to being older than me. :D
Welcome to the site... Another Californian, Modesto to be exact.... But I'll be in Jackson/Mokuleme Hill this Saturday... Need to make a trip up to Mariposa again soon..
Thank ya'all for the welcome. Hope to meet at least some of you at a car show. And nice picture of the "rock" ckessel as well as the wagon. I am partial to the wagons and for a long time was looking for a 64 New Yorker wagon to add to the K's. Then put a 300 grill in it. :) But I'm happy with the Charger and have always liked them. Pulled the radiator today. It was leaking a bit from the bottom and some green stuff on the fins. Then found the water pump pulley loose. And so it begins. The photo of the car on the trailer is cropped for some reason. I will have to learn how to do this.


Welcome from NY.
The Mariposa Grove is one of nature's wonders I think.

Welcome from a fellow newbie with a “new” ‘66 charger. Mine has far more Michigan rust than yours though. Looks great!
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