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Dec 4, 2009
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Once it set up, I used some MEK and a rag to clean up the edges. Did you know that MEK eats nitrile gloves?
I found that out today....Two sets shredded within minutes. Later I checked using a "Duck-duck-go" search and yeah....there are NO gloves that are 100% safe from MEK. Butyl rubber gloves are the most resistant!
Yup. Very familiar with MEK. Was 'introduced' to lots of 'new' things when I worked at the refinery. Even though I was mostly an inside machinist, I did do some time in the field. The 'field' is still inside the fence of the refinery but the Exxon Baytown is a huge complex and you could rack up lots of miles driving all over it in a company utility truck doing jobs all over the place. I remember guys that used to wash their tools bare handed with MEK.....said it was safe. Yeah sure. Is that why your gloves are falling apart.....when they did use gloves. A lot of those guys are no longer living and were younger than me!