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looking for ideas for wheels for my 69 RR


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Feb 9, 2013
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Biloxi, MS
im looking for some ideas to run on my RR, i dont want to go with any stock wheels, but i dont want to go with cragar ss rims either, just see too many cars with them, my car is viper silver with a black lift off hood, any input is greatly appreciated!
Weld Pro Stars in 15 inch With a 275/60/15 on the back and a set of 235/60/15 on the front
That would look sweet
prostars do look good on a roadrunner, i just put a set on mine. 325/50/15 DR on the rear and a 215/70/15 on the front. sorry not the best pictures, as you can see i was drinking when i took them... lol


that looks like exactly what im going for! what size rim and offset did you go with?
fronts are 15x6 with a 3.5 backspace. Rears are 15X8 with a 4.5 back space. i think a 15X10 would have worked on my car because the quarters have been jacked a little but the 8's were free.
Now thats exactly what I'm talkin about
That thing has the look
MT drag radial on the back and $85 a piece good year radials on the front.

the 325 might be tight if you still have the lips on your quarters. i've heard of people running them though. my car is kind of molested so i have plenty of room.