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Looking for opinions-I know you guys have some!

493 Mike

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Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
Hi fellas,
I'm changing my oil and got to thinking if I'm running the proper amount of oil. I have a Milodon 30930 pan (7 quart) and I also have a 3 quart Moroso accumulator. I have been using 10 quarts but, should I figure 6 quarts in the pan to perhaps cut windage loss as I have the 3 quart backup? I do have a high volume pump and the accumulator is mounted in the heater location so it is close to the oil port on the rear of the block. What say ye?
You didn't mention the oil filter, that takes another quart.
Engine masters drained three quarts out of an eight quart milodon pan on a big block chevy, and found horsepower and oil pressure stability. They got away with it on a dyno, i sure wouldnt go that far in a race car.
I think i might run a quart or quart an a half less, and pay REAL CLOSE ATTENTION to oil pressure in the lights, and when hard on the brakes. If you go too low, i think the accumulator will save you.
Whether or not your car will pick up, i have no idea, though i heard of stock eliminator guys draining a quart when they need a tenth.
I'm sure you're running a windage tray or screen? If so I think you're fine with 10 qts. I know guys who are running as much are 15 with a 10 qt pan and 3 qt accumulator .ruffcut
^^^^^^^^Me too ! But it's strictly a street car.
What's yours 493 ?
Mike street car entirely different problems id stay with as much oil as you can. Cheap insurance. Try Joe Gibbs oil it has defoamer builtin may help.
We've used the 3 quart accumulator before. I wouldn't be afraid of running a quart less at the track and see if it makes any difference with the reserve on tap. But I would keep the quart in there if there wasn't much of a gain.
Superstock guys run them out of oil on a record breaking day.. to make a record. Normal broke drag racers keep their oil pans full.
I've seen a Chevy street motor gain 20 hp on the dyno by dropping a qrt of oil. My theory is the deep pan keeps it away from the crank windage. Filling it up to the level of a stock pan kinda defeats some of that. Although a big block windage tray covers the oil well. So windage may not be as much of an issue as in others.
A Chevy inline 6 will last almost 2 minutes without oil or water. Hey... what else do you do with that when you pull it for an engine swap ? Makes an unearthly sound momentarily, as well......
For what its worth....
The engine masters episode about oil level is gonna be on this morning, on motortrend tv, at least on my system. 9.30 a.m. in arizona time zone.
I have a 7 qt. Moroso oil pan. I put a total of 6 qts. In including filter.

That would mean you're 2 quarts low right from the get-go!!! 1 of the pan and 1 for the filter!
I measured the amount that is in the pan itself. My dipstick is calibrated to various pan levels. As for total in the engine. To get 7 in the pan it takes 8-9 qts. Add in my accumulator and its about 10-11 qts. My car has a deep Charlies pan, rear acceleration baffle. The level is about 2 1/2" lower than a stock pan. The pan extends beyond the rear of the block. It has a trap door for trapping oil on decell. It also has a swinging pick up. At 6 qts in the pan the pressure will fluctuate on hard shut down, Accel no issue. At 7 qts in the pan no fluctuation.