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Make it fit


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Jun 17, 2021
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Mid Michigan
Wondering if anyone else has run into this situation. Headers fit the big block in my car (66 Coronet) however, the collectors did not line up with the reliefs in the trans mount cross member. So, I picked up some 3" exhaust pipe and fabricated collector extensions that end just past (to the rear of the) trans mount.
Questions: did I modify a set of headers that were designed for another B-Body? Does someone make a good set that will fit a 66 coronet without modifications? Or is this just how it is?

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I ran into something like that on a set of Hedmans on a BB swap into a '64 Savoy, but vertically.
In my case, the collectors were too high and a straight path out would hit the T-bar crossmember.
A pair of S-bends cured the problem.
Easy way, as I did on one of my current cars, is take an elbow pipe, cut it in half, make an "S" and weld it together.
I just somewhat fixed the roadrunner hack job exhaust. I do have to fix the trans line issue but much better.




My 65 with TTIs:

This was after I bent what I felt was safe to align the drivers side horizontally. Insert large steel pipe in collector (header snug on engine) and apply pressure! The rest of the relocation was welded into the street hook ups.
The cheaper headers just aim straight back from the engine. TTI and Doug’s cost a lot more but they are aimed toward the humps in the crossmember.
Years back I got a good deal on a pair of Hooker headers. I had to Zig-Zag with two 22.5 degree bends to get the exhaust to tuck up tight and fit right.