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Max wedge rockers hitting 4 bolt valve cover baffles - pics for posterity


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Jan 15, 2020
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Okeechobee, Florida
I'll be trimming the baffles for clearance, see attached pics for posterity for future reference. This a 0.570 lift solid roller and Isky ductile iron rockers.

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You may want to use valve cover spacers instead of damaging your valve covers.
You may want to use valve cover spacers instead of damaging your valve covers.
I thought about that but these 4 bolt covers are already prone to leakage and these are not the specific MW valve covers, just generic early 4 hole units so I don't feel bad modifying them. If they were the real deal I wouldn't cut them.

Chuck (snook)
Could you just glue together two thick cork gaskets.
You could buy some .125 thick gasket material and cut your
own with a stock gasket for a template
Do you have the original adjusters on the rockers? I have seen many that were replaced with longer threads. Do you have any pictures?
Had to take a second look. They're just hitting the baffle. Easy fix, remove the baffle.

If your using a PCV valve there, there's a baffle insert you can use. My Cal Customs didn't have a baffle. I found one of these, I think on Summit.


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Not going to be using a PCV valve, yeah the baffle is going bye bye.

Chuck (snook)
I run the 1968 valve covers on my big block with offset Mopar intake rockers and Crane Gold on the exhaust. I had similar issues with the baffles in them, but I wasn't interested in cutting them so I took a torch and warmed the areas they touched and tapped those spots in with a ball peen hammer. Personally I wouldn't cut the baffles out. They are there for a reason.

I ran 6 bolt M/Ts on 4 bolt Max wedges and they sealed great.