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MCACN 2022 photo albums

Again, you did a great job on your display, you should be proud.
Thanks for Posting the photos & great job very impressive, I missed out on it this year but on my list for next year.
I haven't seen this in a couple years when the light resto got started

It was an great time - What a collection

Awesome Job
I had a number of people both owners of cars in my display and spectators asking what’s in store for next year, will Malaise muscle be a regular feature? I haven’t had a chance to talk to Bob Ashton yet after the show, so I don’t know.
As far as a annual feature display like this years I did, I don’t see a display of all makes and that many years again, so much as I see the concept of smaller displays of more specialized groupings. Such as Mopars of the Malaise Era, a feature on GM colonnade cars, Ford fox bodies, for a few examples. Bob did mention a collector who has every color King Cobra in his collection is lined up to display them next year.
The enthusiasm for newer (30-50 year old new lol) does open up the pool of candidates for displays to be sure.
Theres been talk of a muscle/special interest truck and suv display over the years. Along with the Dude, Baja Broncos and LRT and Warlock types, that could be expanded now to the early 90s I think, to include Ford Lightnings and GM Cyclones and SS454 Chevy trucks.
My Magnum’s T bar roof was subcontracted to ASC. I did some research on T tops and was fascinated to learn more about ASC. Their first work for the big 3 was putting sunroofs on ‘67 Cougars, but did you know they did the Saleen Mustang and Capris in the 80s, the GNX Buick, and WS6 Pontiac? I’m going to talk to Bob about a cars of ASC display in a future year show.
Keeping MCACN relevant and not just “same old same old” every year is a lot of work, but a lot of fun too!
Thanks for all the photos.

To make this show is on my bucket list here soon.

But, I m not a huge wingcar fan persay. But this one pops my buttons

It dont get any better than that for me

Thanks for sharing the pics. You got a nice one of my GSS Demon. Was a great time.

THANK YOU for sharing those photos! Wanted to go [rather intensely] this year, but just couldnt make it happen.
I would definitely vote for making the "malaise" - hate that word but we seem to be stuck with it - era cars a permanent fixture; I like [most of] 'em and don't care who knows it. :)
Thanks for those pics. I need to hit that show one of these years.
Thanks Matt. I hope all is well with you. Steve did get in touch with me and sent me several pictures of the car in-process and completed at the show. The good news is that he finished it exactly as Curt had planned. The only thing I see he "changed" was that he removed the factory 6 cylinder single exhaust that came on the car. Bob Tindle raced the car with that system still on the car but of course not connected to anything.

- Greg

Thanks for Posting the photos & great job very impressive, I missed out on it this year but on my list for next year.
I haven't seen this in a couple years when the light resto got started

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Every year I say I'm gonna go and then ... I end up looking at someone else's pictures.
Thank you for posting, it looks like I missed another great show.
XS22J8R, you captured a nice picture of my car as well. It was sold new about 10 miles from the Convention Center and the MCACN show was its first outing after a lengthy restoration. The show was great fun and I can't wait for next year.

1970 GTX.jpg

Concour Gold.jpeg
Thanks earlymopar. Its FY4, Citron Mist Metallic. They painted a total of 286 1970 GTX's that color.
Beautiful car, perfect color.
I can attest to that. I saw the car at MCACN and talked to Morte. The car is beautifully done, very detailed, and Morte came across as a super nice guy in the brief time that we had to talk.
Congratulations on your Gold certificate Morte.
malaise meaning:

a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify.

exactly the feeling i got when looking at some of those cars from that era. amazed a lot of them made it

great work on the pic. thanks for sharing!

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