Mock-up tool for power brake linkage due to brake pedal too low

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8:43 PM
Oct 17, 2022
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East Tennessee
I "recently" installed power brakes on my lowly '70 Satellite (which was originally a non-power drum/drum) car. For right now, I'm keeping the drum/drum setup as I just need the car to be mobile. My plan is to go disc / disc in the future.

Anyway, after installing the power brake setup, my brake pedal height was too low for my liking. I hastily cut / welded / tapped the linkage that came with the booster set up and made a mock up tool to help me get my desired pedal height. Since I have it adjusted to where I want it, I am in the process of modeling a new linkage (with the longer dimension) and will then CNC machine a new linkage. When I'm finished, I'll post a pic of the final part. Just thought you guys may be interested in this little task.