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Modifying seats for better support.

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Apr 13, 2012
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In 2015, I pulled the stock seats from my car and put in a pair from a Dodge Neon SRT4.
The factory seats looked great but didn't offer much side support for aggressive cornering. They are in nice shape and have Legendary seat covers on them. I put them in the attic wrapped up nice and safe.

00000026 (2).JPG
00000026 (3).JPG

The SRT4 seats are fantastic. They are lighter than the stock seats by 4-5 lbs each and they recline. These seats are comfortable and very supportive.


I had to modify the brackets but they fit well.


2-21 A.jpg

They have leather on the sides with some type of nylon/cloth in the center.

The rear seat is still the stock one with the Legendary seat skin.

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Since I got my other '70 Charger, AKA "Jigsaw", I have thought of ways to restore that car with hand-me-downs From this red car, Ginger.
Jigsaw has a thrashed interior. Everything needs attention.
I decided that I'd use the original bucket seats from this red car along with the rear seat.
This means that I'd still need a seat for Ginger.

These are the seats from Jigsaw:




I am going to take the front seats and this orange rear seat to an upholstery shop. I want them to recover front and rear BUT with a twist...I want to have some side bolstering added to the rear seat so it looks similar to the front. Sit in any late model performance car and you'll find that they are designed to hold you in place in the curves. I rarely have anyone riding in the back seat but I want it to match the front. I talked to guys at 2 different shops today. Both think the cotton stuffing would need to be replaced with a foam core so they can shape and add foam to bolster the edges.
Both shops were real busy though. This may end up being a winter project!
I've been trying to find some nice modern seats for my 72 Dart. My friend has some from a 89 Daytona in his 70 challenger and are pretty nice. He had all the seats covered the same.
The SRT4 seats are non power, non air bag and fairly light.
I wanted to do that in my cuda rear seat but couldn't find a shop that wanted to do it. They were all too busy and gave a crazy price.
I did not ask a price. I was first concerned with finding someone able to do it.
I fitted Mazda Miata seats to my cuda, they have a sheet metal base pan and then foam rather than springs, they are very comfy, have a level of bolstering but could have more, importantly the back rest height is very similar to the original seats as I feel most later model seats the headrest is way to high for a muscle car. I’m looking for something for my RR now, haven’t ruled out the Miata seats again however I’d like them a little wider at the shoulder area and a little more bolstering, I’m in the process of getting off my *** to take them to someone to see what can be done. Photo of cuda seat alongside the Miata

BCA8E345-C9B3-4F32-A2EA-58B29E0917B7.jpeg 70F73292-E142-40FC-8314-1EDF7C90F22A.jpeg
The interior guy I used to work with would build up the bolsters with foam and shape them with an electric carving knife. If he was trying to use a stock cover, an extra panel of matching material would get strategically sewn in to get it to fit over the bigger foam, but when he was done it looked great. Like a modern version of the old factory seat. I'd think any decent shop that does hot rods should be able to handle it?