SOLD Mopar Chrysler 1968 Superstock 426 Race Hemi Crossram Intake Manifold & Carburetors.

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Dec 23, 2009
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Rancho Cordova, CA
I am listing my 1968 426 Race Hemi Crossram Intake Manifold set up, from my extensive 35 + year collection of Mopar engine parts.

No casting date on the magnesium manifolds, to my knowledge.
Casting number 2536900

I have 2 complete set ups, and 1 bare Aluminum intake manifold that are now up for sale, in separate Craigslist (Sacramento) ads.
This one, along with my other listings.

This Magnesium intake has (new) original reproduction numbered Holley 4235 & 4236 carburetors on it, and fuel lines.
Carburetors are said to have 770 CFM ratings.
(I have the original boxes to the carburetors)

I have everything needed to bolt on and go, onto a 426 Hemi engine.

Adapter Plates for the carbs to manifold
Fuel Lines
Manifold Plugs
Mounting Bolts
Reproduction Fuel Line Kit.

Selling this set up at $5,000.00.

I am not interested in any kind of "trades" "low ball offers" for these parts, other than my stated prices.

I am liquidating parts out of my collection, stash, hoard, accumulation, and i don't want anything else.

Now read and understand this.
If you are a serious buyer, and not a shopper, tire kicker, look-e-loo, low baller, picture collector, I will be glad to talk to you in a phone conversation in regards to my parts.

But you call me, i am not going to call you back if you leave a message on my answering machine.
It's dealing with all the non serious callers that bring up my telephone bill all the time.

I can me reached at.
XXXXXXX (Oops. not allowed to post my phone number.)

Call only between the hours of 5:30 pm 7:30 pm PACIFIC TIME, and you will reach me just fine.
Follow those instructions and you will make contact with me just fine.

I have a regular land line at my residence, and don't own cell phones.
You call me, i don't call back, to weed out all the shoppers, tire kickers, look-e-loo's, non serious buyers.
Your a serious buyer, you will be giving me the phone call.

Payment for my parts will be a cashiers check from your bank, or wire transfer of funds into my bank account, or a lot of postal money orders, or if you pick up in person, a wallet full of hundred dollar bills, will do just fine.

Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

426 Race Hemi Crossram's 001 (Small).JPG 426 Race Hemi Crossram's 002 (Small).JPG 426 Race Hemi Crossram's 003 (Small).JPG 426 Race Hemi Crossram's 004 (Small).JPG 426 Race Hemi Crossram's 005 (Small).JPG 426 Race Hemi Crossram's 006 (Small).JPG 426 Race Hemi Crossram's 007 (Small).JPG 426 Race Hemi Crossram's 008 (Small).JPG 426 Race Hemi Crossram's 009 (Small).JPG 426 Race Hemi Crossram's 010 (Small).JPG
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